Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's getting there!

I just finished 6 ornaments and I need to make a total of 11! Why, oh, why did I choose to make cross-stitch ornaments for the swap? The worst thing is that I started to tell myself that I better get nice ornaments since I put so much efforts into mine. Well, we all know that it doesn't work like that.

I decided to send the ones that I made just in case the cat or the dog wants to eat and/or claw them ;) I hope that everything will be done by Wednesday!

Monday, 24 November 2008

I heart knitted hats...

but I also think that circular needles look like some form of medieval torture tool!!! So this is why I haven't joined the le'slouch beret bandwagon! Instead, I decided to try this hat from Drops Design. So easy! The only thing you need to do it a little bit of counting...well, I failed at that and had to start over 5 times (what, there is a lot of distractions)! But don't tell my husand, I still want him to think that I'm a superior being and that I can do many things at the same time ;)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Happy dependence

After a month of complete dependence on my sewing teacher I can finally wear something that I, Claudia, made from the Stylish dress book. Well, almost! It's more a co-production with my teacher because after a "oh my dear, you look like a Supreme Court judge!" he decided that it was crucial to reshape the dress completely. Just like that he takes a chalk and draws directly on the fabric. In 5 seconds, it's a completely new dress. I'm not an expert in Japanese sewing books but as he (or she since he refers himself as "aunty"!) would say of the patterns in the book: "Beautiful outfits...too bad you are not 4 years old."!!! So before I use my fancy Nina Iro fabric I will make a trial version with something less expensive but I should not worry, it will look good anyway, since I will be with my teacher! Yes, I know, I'm dependent ;)

Note: One thing that I don't like with Blogger is that sometimes I can't reply to some comments. So this message is for Isa.

Mes cours de couture sont au Comité Social Centre-Sud (dans le village). Les machines sont industrielles (personnellement, j'adore) et le centre n'a pas beaucoup de budget (et ne demande pas beaucoup n'ont plus 60$ pour une session...une joke!!!) mais le prof est tellement merveilleux! Il est un vrai de vrai comme ont dit ;)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sew japanese

Now that the felted acorn factory is getting ready to close down until next fall I can take time to finish a few personnal projects. I have 3 dresses that are waiting for help from my sewing teacher. I almost cried last week when he canceled the class for personnal reasons: "nnnnooooo!!! I want to sew!!! aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!". I love making clothes but I lack a little bit of self-esteem. I think that it's going to be a New Year's resolution for 2009.

A few weeks ago I read a post on my Internet Godmother's blog (she wrote the first comment on my blog last year and she bought my first set of felted acorns last month) about how she only uses her Pay pal/Etsy money for fun stuff...not for grocery shopping or electricity bills. That's why I decided to buy Nani Iro's pattern book and 3 meters of her beautiful fabric to make the dress on the cover. Anybody ever worked with this gorgeous japanese???

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Freaky medical Clo

Over the past months I have been tagged a few times (thank you so much!) but I remained silent because I don't want to disappoint people by not choosing them to continue the "game". However, the tag that I got from Veronica at Veronica Darling's Crafty Adventures sounded amusing: 6 quirky yet boring details about myself. So here it goes...but I have a theme!

Six freaky medical facts about Clo...with an educational lesson!

1. When I was 4 years old, I wanted to tell my dad, who was cutting the grass with a lawn tractor, that I made Kool-Aid. Without my mom realising, I ran to my dad, fell under the tractor, cut most of my left leg and one of my little toe. I stayed 15 days at the hospital, got a skin transplant and learned to walk again.

Lesson: Don't drink Kool-Aid!

2. When I was 12 years old, I got diagnosed with a scoliosis (spine is curved from side to side). I had to wear an orthopedic corset for 4 years. I got a medical paper to skip gym class until I g0t used to the corset. It turned out that I "never" really wanted to get used to it so I decided to skip gym class for 4 years...ah ah ah!!!

Lesson: There is always a bright side!

3. When I was 19 years old, I shaved my legs in winter while I had dry skin. I scratched my legs so much that I developed a folliculitis (infection of the hair follicle). I had to take antibiotics for a month.

Lesson: Get your legs waxed!

4. When I was 22 years old, I purchased a vintage side table that needed to be stripped. I got eco-friendly paint remover and I used it inside my loft since it didn't smell bad. It turned out that it blocked one of my lungs and that I needed urgent medical assistance.

Lesson: Be suspicious of eco-friendly products.

5. When I was 25 years old, I had thin crust pizza for dinner. The crust was very dry and it cut the back of my mouth. A few days after I couldn't open my mouth or turn my head. The cut didn't heal and the infection spread to my ear/neck canal. I had to take antibiotics for 3 weeks.

Lesson: Don't eat pizza crust!

6. Now that I live in the city, every year I get the flu...not a bad cold...the FLU! You know that virus that makes you scream at your husband for no reason because you just can't take it anymore.

Lesson: Get a job that allows you to take a 2 week sick leave every winter!

So, if anybody feels like a medical freak just play along!

And what do you think of my latest needle felt friend: Sir Quack of Montreal?

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

So this is Christmas!!!

I'm normally not into Christmas that early but, just like last year, I signed up for the Holiday Ornament Swap organised by Freshly Blended and Cake and Pie. Believe it or not but I started to think about my ornament prototype back in August! I could have modified the ornament that I made last year but why make something simple when you can make it complicated ;) Here is a little sneak preview at one of the 8-9 ornaments that I will send around the globe! Sign-ups run from November 1st through November 10th. Go's fun!