Sunday 30 January 2011

The autonomous b**ch !!!

Dan and I started to date almost 14 years ago. It was during our last year of high school. Shortly after, we moved into our first apartment and started our "official" adult life. We have always been very self-sufficient...we rarely ask for help and we like it like that!

Nobody ever complained about it until I got pregnant. This is when people REALLY want to help you and find it outrageous, for example, that you didn't ask for a car ride to go to the ER instead of taking public transportation.

I know, I must sound like a horrible little bitch. My family and my friends what to make my life easier and I don't let them do it! Now, I slowly try to let go and accept some help while maintaining a certain level of autonomy.

Anyway, since I had a rocky first trimester (hold up in a store, night and day sickness, labyrinthitis symptoms, doctor miscarriage warning, etc. ), my mother started this monthly pregnancy reward system. At the end of each month, she transfers some money in my bank account so I could get myself a little celebratory gift! At first I was TOTALLY against the idea but you have to admit that it is super sweet and it made her happy...and who doesn't like to get little presents!

She only gave me two conditions: I must not use it for "boring" stuff like the electricity bill and I must tell her what I got. So here you go mom, for January, I got this cute whale tissue holder to add some whimsy to my minimalist bathroom!

Merci maman
Je t'aime xox


luke and pamela said...

i love it. and i love your mom.

Jennifer said...


This is such a happy little addition to a room. Love it!

A Loopy Life said...

That is so cute! And as an aside, would be perfect for our nursery! :)

Celia said...

i am SLOWLY learning that being pregnant can sometimes require help. i'm not used to it either, but embracing it has made my life a whole lot easier.

this reminds me... we need a tissue holder too.

Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

that's adorably fun. i love it.