Thursday 6 January 2011

The dream nursery

A few weeks ago, I had this recurring dream that one of our friend was kidnapping our baby. He would come to our home, take the baby, leave quietly and I would wake up in panic. This was very strange because 1) he is a nice guy 2) he is very supportive 3) he has a good sense of humor and ... 4) he thinks that kids are most of the time annoying!

I don't know anything about dream interpetation but one day I asked him, half joking, to stop kidnaping my baby! He looked at me and said "Oh, don't freak out, babies are too much trouble, I would bring it back after 15 minutes"!!!

However, he knew why I had those dreams. He said it's because your nursery is not done yet and I can't let you have a baby in those conditions!!!

At that time (early second trimester), I just told him that he was silly. However, he made me realize that I do have a difficult time getting inspiration for the nursery. Everything is so "little kit", crowded with stuff...maybe over designed would be a good way of explaining it.

Today, I saw this picture on flickr from a decoration ideas book for modern living circa 70's. This is, my friends, my dream nursery! It might not be for everybody (maybe too boring for some people) but I totally see my little family in a room like that.

Finally, no more nightmares!


alyson said...

ok, so that shelf is totally dreamy. I want that little wooden elephant on top!

UK lass in US said...

Ikea sells individual shelves with a similar bracket, that you could stack to get that look.

I wouldn't say that it was boring - although our nursery was just a plain cot (from Ikea, too), a couple of wall shelves and a toy box, so it was pretty simple too.

UK lass in US said...
- link to the bracket

Marianne said...

The bed is similar to an IKEA style too. The Chair looks like it is the classic Bertoia Diamond chair that retails for like $1000. They do a pretty good knock-off for 191$ at Target or 178$ at Overstock. Bertoias are comfortable but e warned that knock-off seldom are.

Anne Koski said...

There should be a book: "Pregnancy Dreams."