Saturday 8 January 2011

Ignorant Claudia - weekly question (week 27)

*Sigh*, week 27 was a long one! Going back to work after two weeks of vacation and sitting on an uncomfortable office chair for 7 hours turned out to be a big challenge. I'm lucky enough to have a job where it is "acceptable" to lie down on the floor next to the receptionist's desk. And, as a masculine co-worker said, "coming from you, it almost seems natural"!!!

While on the floor, I was looking at my list of stuff to buy for the baby (I won't tell you how much time I spent researching, analyzing and evaluating will think that I'm crazy). Most of it is already purchased but I still hesitate on the relevance of getting a few items. So, should I invest in:

1) a mobile
2) a fancy diaper pail (ex: Diaper Genie 2)
3) a diaper bag...what is wrong with using my beloved backpack?

I hope that you have a lovely weekend....and that you are not as freaked out by the raining dead birds phenomenon as I am!!!


Vanessa said...

Ugh, I am also so up-in-the-air about buying a mobile. And the diaper bag thing is stressing me out, too. I have heard from friends though that you don't want to go "skimpy" on a diaper pail. For whatever that's worth.

By the way, I love that dream nursery of yours. I say you should go with it. :)

And (to make this the longest comment you may have ever received)I just hit 30 weeks today. Be prepared to do less's starting to hang out by my ribcage. Oh the joys of it all... ;)

Marianne said...

Any recommendation will be highly subjective. My personal experience is that I never used/needed a diaper bag. I used other bags/backpacks I already owned and that worked great. Depending on where we were going, I needed different amounts of 'stuff' so I never found one bag to cover all needs. I made my own mobile, which was easy and beautiful. I had a great diaper pail (scandinavian brand but same system as diaper genie II) and I would recommend it. My bathroom is upstairs and we have heated floors so a traditional trash can just did not work well.But it depends on your needs.

Anonymous said...

raining dead birds? what?
(it's like kafka on the shores...)

oh, i'm so glad you work in a place that doesn't mind if you need some comfort/ rest time. everywhere should be like that!

good luvk my dear! you're nearing the home stretch... in a way!

Leslie Mae said...

For me, the mobile was important. I hung it over the change table, and it changed a torturous event, into 2 minutes of fun! I hung it quite low (low enough for the baby to see, high enough that his hand can't reach it), and 5 months later, he still chatters away to it through changes.

The Franglaise said...

Hello, long time no comment! Glad to see your growing belly is still as beautiful! I'd say a definite yes to a) (a musical mobile is best in the first few months to get them to sleep. My son was interested in his mobile up until about 8-9 months old); b) is not necessary but we find it practical to have merely because we live in a small flat in Paris (if we'd have a house, it'd be easy to put the nappies in a bin outside); and c) is completely overrated. I bought an expensive diaper bag and have used it about twice only. I find that regular bags are much better and less cumbersome (plus, I don't like the look of most diaper bags).

Good luck with all these crucial mum-to-be choices ;) It is so exciting to be expecting! A bientot xx

mjb said...

Our baby is just now starting to be interested in things hanging over him but it's pretty exciting, so I'd say yes to a mobile. We got a regular tote (timbuk2) instead of a diaper bag, but still had to buy stuff separately like the changing mat and bottle cooler. We have a diaper genie from a garage sale but haven't really started using it (plus we're cloth diapering during the day).

Hoola Tallulah said...

Your bump is so so awesome! I love tha rosey sheet btw...

erika jane said...

hi claudia!
great blog you have made! i think we have similar aesthetics, i love the image of your dream nursery. my daughter is thirteen months old and we never used a mobile but for her birthday our cousin hillery made her a beautiful one.
it is in the nursery but not hanging in a traditional spot (above the crib or changing table).
we never used a diaper pail they are so big and ugly. we keep a small trash bin with lid in the closet and just take it out to the dumpster often, it never gets stinky. i feel like the diaper pails do not get taken out often enough because they hold the smell in and that is kind of gross! we use a combination of cloth and paper diapers so we also have one of these.
i use a backpack for a diaper bag it is much easier.

jen v said...

my 2 cents

mobile - on the fence - one of my kids LOVED her mobile and the other one couldn't have cared less. however hanging it over the changing table has saved many of my mommy friends to keep baby busy + happy during changing time.

fancy diaper pail -absolutely yes. you will be surprised how bad those little bugger can stink. (the diapers not the baby)

diaper bag - no - use what is comfortable and right for you and your budget. i got a designer diaper bag at my shower and it was so inconvenient i NEVER used it.

ingrid said...

I don't think you need to invest in any of those. We don't have a mobile or a fancy diaper pail. We do have a nice diaper bag (Skip Hop Duo in denim) but it's not necessary if you have a backpack that's perfectly acceptable.

UK lass in US said...

I made the kids a mobile, but I wouldn't say that one is needed. We had a hand me down diaper pail that did get use - but it gets hot in the summer here, so it was nice to have something that sealed in the smell.

A daiper bag isn't needed, but you will soon find out if your backpack is convenient for you. I'd imagine that a big bag without pockets etc. would not work so well, as you don't want to be rooting around for a diaper and wipes for ages, while your baby is screaming its head off.

It is nice to have a wipe clean surface inside, too - there's lots of spills, poop, spit up, smooshed food etc. where babies are around and it doesn't all stay where it should...

Kine said...

1: anything hanging over a baby's head that's colouful is a good thing. that said, I don't have one and my baby is fine without one.

2: if you don't feel like taking the trash out everyday, a diaper pail is nice. but it's not essential.

3: Packpacks are MUCH better. If you have a huge bag hanging over your shoulder, it's actually harder to push a stroller. I love my Osprey and my Herschel bags. And wow, i've always wanted a Kanken bag. Goodie!

Su said...

I'd stick with your Kanken. Mine is lost in the mail somewhere and was supposed to be a Christmas Present:(

kimu said...

1. I made a mobile & it's still pretty popular with my 10 month old. I don't think it's a must have though.

2. We have a diaper pail, but only because we're doing cloth & need a place to collect them. It's not a special pail though, just a regular can with a lid.

3. Totally no need for a specific diaper bag. We have a few things that usually get tossed into either my purse or my husband's messenger bag, but no specific bag.

A Loopy Life said...

These same questions are actually going through my mind as well. So far, we have no mobile and no diaper pail. I bought my husband one of SkipHop's diaper messenger bags just because he normally doesn't even carry a bag whenever he goes out so I figured he needed something. For myself, I'm leaning more towards just using a regular purse as a diaper bag and just stuffing everything into ziplocs to contain the wetness.

jamie said...

oh hi! cute blog! and, we are ten days apart in due date. ;)

i can only offer based on plans & research, as this is our first.

1) mobile i havent researched because i guess i just WANT one. but i will probably make it?

2) i am going to use a backpack. the only downside i can find so far is fewer compartments for organizing. i think we will live.

3) i have read some pretty convincing blog posts that helped me decide a fancy pail is unneccessary. but not sure if this is the same if you are not using cloth?