Friday 21 January 2011

Is it for me or the baby?

I personally don't need a rattle! I don't even know if babies really get entertain by the subtle noise. However, when I saw this little yellow bunny, I told my husband that our baby would be for sure much smarter if he could play with such a delightful toy! Um um, he said. I must admit that my argument was poor but look at is ssssooooo cute!

Instead, since I'm a responsible mother in progress, I got some baby leg warmers / crawler covers. I read that they are wonderful when it is your turn to do the diaper change.


mjb said...

I'm still waiting for Will's legs to be big enough to fit into the babylegs I bought him! He's just starting to notice things like rattles but I think he'll like them a lot once he can grab them himself.

A Loopy Life said...

That's adorable! You have to buy it because 2011 is the year of the rabbit :)

Anonymous said...

pour vous 2!

Jacinthe said...

Le hochet, maracas, p'tit œuf, bebelle qui fait tchick tchick est vraiment gagnant chez moi!
Petit bébé, ça n'a pas vraiment eu de succès; l'intérêt vient vers 6-7 mois.