Monday 24 January 2011

Naughty conversations between husband and wife

...because I'm sure that we are not the only one talking about that!

Clo: A girl at yoga said that you can reach orgasm during childbirth.
Dan: Really?
Clo: OMG, it would be so freaky if it was written in her birth plan!!!

Dan: I'm a little freaked out!
Clo: What is the problem?
Dan: The doula said that sperm could start contractions *
Clo: Please, don't tell me you want to get condoms!

Dan: I read this research that said that porn actresses give birth faster.
Clo: ...
Clo: Good for them but I certainly won't look for my inner porn star!

Looking at an erotic gay magazine at a friend's house
(what? we were curious!!!)
Dan and Clo: !!!???!!!
Clo: If we have a boy, should we get him circumcised?
Dan: Well, maybe we have girl!
Clo: Good point!

* semen contains prostaglandins which can help start contractions


On a completely different subject, my birthday is coming soon and I was desperately looking for gift suggestions (I will also have a nice prenatal massage at the spa) for my husband (birthdays after Chritsmas are always complicated). Luckely for me, I found NewDuds' etsy shop. Now, everyhting will be fine!


Unknown said...

Awe, thanks so much! Love the blog and we are honored to be mentioned. Loved the Naughty Convos, haha. Do you listen to the podcast 'Stuff You Should Know?' They did a good one on Circumcision just before the holidays... though you might enjoy it!

it was on 11/30/10

The Franglaise said...

thanks for the giggle :)

Anne said...

I didn't know about that - we learn everyday!
And the t-shirt and scarf look great.

kate / tinywarbler said...

um, hilarious!!
happy up-coming birthday!