Sunday 20 March 2011

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Over the past few months, probably because they detected my lack of experience with babies, many people told me to read or take a look at the DVD The Happiest Baby of the Block.

Harvey Karp, an American pediatrician, is pretty much the Dog Whisperer of babies! His technique, called the Five Ss, are so simple that I can see myself doing them while being excessively sleep deprave with a newborn in the middle of the night!

Five Ss :
Side position (holding baby on the right side slightly face down)*
Shushing (loud white noise)
Swinging and jiggling

We really enjoyed the DVD and will certainly try all the techniques suggested. However, this little video made me think (yeah, I have a tendency to over think stuff). Isn't it fascinating, yet pathetic, that on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, sitting on our IKEA sofa, in our "fancy" condo with all the advances of modern civilization...we need a DVD to remind us of techniques that are done naturally in more simple cultures because they have been past on from generation to generation! Oh well...

And yes, we did the first four S with our cat! I was laughing so much that I almost had a little pregnant lady accident ;)

* when the baby is awake only


oneeyedrabbit said...

Classic pictures! You and your hubby are funny. Glad to hear you brushed up on the 5 Ss. Take care.

Ali said...

Oh your cat is so funny!!

Lina said...

Ha, love the little pregnant lady accident comment!

Liz said...

I picked that book up at the used bookstore and it ended up being, hands down, the best book I had. My daughter was colicky (later diagnosed with reflux) and the 5 S's worked wonders with her.

Sometimes we need a reminder that simple is good. We don't need a $100 gadget to soothe the baby - just a blanket...

jen said...

These photos are so hilarious, you two are going to be such fun, awesome parents. The shushing really does work wonders, I know this from my nanny days of super fussy 6 month olds.

Anne said...

Loud white noise? I wonder if Jesus & Mary Chain records would work ;)
Great pics.

jamie said...

hahaha. we also watched the movie last weekend. ben was very enthusiastic.

and you should know i have been meaning to practice the moby wrap on the cat. (who wants to be held and carried all the time, seems perfect). glad i am not the only kookoo one out there.

renae said...

Oh my - I can just imagine the scratches I'd sustain if I tried this with my cat! She'd freak out!

Cute pictures. I'll remember your list.