Monday 11 April 2011

12 things I learn after 12 days

1) Taking a mirror to look at your reproductive system is traumatizing.
2) Kegel exercises are important...especially if you ever want to sneeze!
3) Babies don't always burp after a meal so don't sweat it.
4) Your boobies will leak a LOT after a hot shower.
5) If you walk your dog for too long, you might get blood clots!
6) Mothers in law don't change diapers ;)
7) Baby farts are VERY loud.
8) Talking in the 3rd person is annoying.
9) People get red and sweaty when you breastfeed.
10) Baby poop doesn't smell that bad.
11) Hungry babies make pig noise (maybe just Alice?).
12) You love your kiddo more and more every day!!!


BB bandanas by Electrik Kidz (made in Quebec).


madder said...

my Imogen still grunts (she's 3 months) when she gets to the boob and she's hungry. it cracks me up! and definitely a big YES to # 12.

Jennifer said...

ahaha I love your list. Especially #1 & #5 -- so traumatic!

Rebecca said...

Oh, i hope you're wrong on Number 6!!

so great to hear these little tips :)

UK lass in US said...

I didn't do the mirror thing - too scared of what I might see...

The poop smells worse once solids are added to the mix, from what I remember.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Hungry babies make pig noises. Indeed! Also, I found that not only do mothers in law not change diapers, but really no one volunteers to do that. Haha.

Sid. said...

Aw, I miss the grunty piggy nursing sounds (but not so much the crazy leaking boobs). I love those bandanas!

mjb said...

My lack of kegels just started becoming very clear to me this week, almost 5 months in. Such a fun process! But #12 makes it all worth it :)

Julie Alvarez said...

I agree with every single one of them!! Although I didn't have a mother in law, so I couldn't check that one. And my mom, she really didn't change Zoe's diapers that much, once or twice at best... meh...
I love all these posts about Alice's first days and your first days as a mama...!

Janet said...

My baby Juno--10 days old today--makes pig noises too! Stuffy noses, maybe? :)