Friday 22 April 2011

Dan and his girl

Women get pregnant. During 40 weeks, their body is transformed. They go through emotional roller coasters. Then they live the most amazing moment of their life by giving birth. The connection with their child is often immediate.

Yes, men are mostly spectators during the entire process but their contribution is indispensable. Dan took care of me when, pregnant, I felt the most vulnerable. As I was agonizing during strong contractions, he was there by my side, looking at me with his calming blue eyes. Those same eyes got teary as soon as he saw his baby girl for the first time. And now at home, he is so invested in our little family that I fear the day that he will go back to work.

My point is that men are often forgotten. None of the doctors or the nurses ever asked Dan how he was he was coping emotionally with his new "life" as a dad. So far, he seems to enjoy the ride.

However, did you know that 10%-25% of new fathers can have post partum depression. And if women affected by post partum depression often feel ashamed of their illness, think about how dads must feel since many people believe that post partum depression in men is just an excuse to get some sick days from work!!!

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Alyce said...

I'm in TOTAL agreement with you. I'm relieved to hear that, when we do have a child, my husband's job will grant him 3 month paternity leave. I think this should be the new standard. It's absolutely a shared experience.