Sunday 22 May 2011


Alice really likes her little mobile!
And we also had a mini milestone : her very first denim :)

* * * * *

lola: It is true that motherhood has plenty of room for errors. I can be pretty competitive (ex: I want to be the best at yoga class!!!) so I really hope that I will never be a competitive mom. It is so horrible!

uk lass in us: I have new mom friends that are normal. It is so nice to talk to new moms... and nobody is judging me :) Good point about early walkers!

luke and pamela: I think that I'm a bit naive because I believed that I was going to be friend with all the other moms in the world...silly, silly me!

little gray pixel: Oh totally! So many "competitive" subjects you have there!

shannah: I didn't know "tiger mom" so I googled it. Since I'm new at the mean mamas thing I might get it at the library (but I won't pay for that!).

pauper: I started postnatal yoga last week and some moms are very nice. And I got a few new mom friends that are not competitive...very relax girls! Happy to know that eventually my over-production of milk might get regulated.


shine little light* said...

Ummm these pictures are so ridiculously cute! Love babies first denim. *s*

Anne said...

Cute mobile and cute Alice!

claire said...

Very sweet! Ah denim, it'll be her friend her whole life.
(thanks for your comment the other day, good to know my lack of bump is normal, I was just looking back at you at the same number of weeks and got bump envy!)

julia said...

Cute! Congrats on the denim! We've reached a milestone here, as well: Javi's got his first tooth! It's unbelievable how excited I got about it ;)

kate / tinywarbler said...

oh, she looks SO cute in her denim coveralls!!! and sorry to hear about your mean girls experience. some women can be pretty competitive unfortunately. hopefully you will meet some who are not so much so! xo