Thursday 23 June 2011

Anonymous kitten

This story main character shall remain anonymous in order to protect her identity...and because in a few years she might be mad because her mother wrote a blog post about her private area and her stinky armpit (ah ah ah)!!!

The main character, that we will name Kitten, has some little problems. Upon examination of certain areas (aka diaper area and armpit), Kitten's mom recently discovered two skin rashes.

If kitten is like her mother, she probably has sensitive skin and doesn't tolerate very humid (or very dry) environments. Kitten's mom goes to baby yoga class once a week and takes an ergo baby carrier to reach her destination. For a strange reason, on yoga day, it's always extremely hot (38C / 100F with humidity factor) and both mother and daughter get soaked wet. Kitten doesn't seem to care but her little bum and pubic area get red and irritated. Also, Kitten's armpit, with all of its lovely extra layers of fat, gets red and produces a Camembert like smell!

Kitten's mom carefully washes the areas (as soon as they are back from yoga class) and things get better. However, since summer just started, kitten's mom is worried that things might get out of control.

Do you have any tips that could help, this anonymous baby?

note: I made a little pair of pants for Alice using lovely Nani Iro fabric.

* * * * *

bec hem: Technology freaks me out a bit (a lot)! I don't know how we are going to "control" it with Alice.

oscarlucinda: I didn't know Press Here.I just looked it up on amazon and it looks awesome. I will order it asap :)

anneemall: OMG, this is a killer list! I just added it in my favorite and I look at each book

kate so: Let me know how Nelson likes camping.

a loopy life: Feet pictures....a classic!

rosessimone: Wow, you are a breastfeeding queen ;)


Little Gray Pixel said...

OMG those pants are adorable!

In answer to kitten's predicament, you can try patting a little cornstarch in these areas to soak up extra moisture. It works like a charm! (I had to do this with Alexa's neck folds. The slobber was getting in there and causing quite a stink.)

taryn said...

i second the cornstarch, it has worked pretty well around here - but it does tend to get a little messy!

also, since it's gotten hot around here i've stopped using the newborn insert with my ergo. instead i just sit luke in it sideways, so both legs poke out the same side, and things seem to be a lot less sweaty for both of us (though still pretty sweaty, this kid is a furnace!).

love the pants :)

leslie said...

the pants are perfect. i think i might have to make some out of nani iro as well. i have been saving some for some clothes for my little one. yay.

claire said...

i don't know about kittens, but i've used the cornstarch and it really does work a treat.

Anonymous said...

Coconut oil works well too. It's naturally antifungal and wicks moisture, so you can use it as both prevention & treatment. Also it smells nice, works with cloth diapers, and isn't messy.

peanut said...

i vote cornstarch too: just powder up all those folds nice and powdery!

oscarlucinda said...

Aw her little pants are so sweet. I just ordered some Nani Iro fabric for a cushion the other day after seeing someone else blog about this fabric. Such beautiful patterns and colours to select from...

PS.You will LOVE Press Here - guaranteed :)

bugheart said...

baby's can have
stinky armpits!?
i am worried
about heat
in mexico.
my partner wants
to carry the
wee grub around
in a carrier
but i wonder if
that's best
when it's so hot...
i am curious
to see
what advice
you get!

love the pants!

kate / tinywarbler said...

love, love the pants! (and i just saw the link for the pattern, thank you)
hope she is feeling better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Claudia, May I ask where you found that particular Nani Iro fabric? I just happened upon your blog (very cute baby by the way!), and I've been looking for that fabric for weeks! All of the on-line stores are out of it!

I also live in Montreal- any fabric store suggestions?