Thursday 2 June 2011

Thoughts on breastfeeding - part 1

Breastfeeding is, when I think about it, a pretty strange thing. Many times a day, I open my shirt, quickly expose a breast, guide my baby in the right direction and (drum roll please)... I provide enough milk to keep a little creature alive!

Until this week, my feelings regarding breastfeeding stopped there. It was something that I had to do in order to have an healthy and happy baby. I didn't really get the "breastfeeding is such a precious moment" thing. I simply felt like a prize winning milk cow and I was actually happy with that because I know that so many women struggle with breastfeeding.

However, the "breastfeeding is such a precious moment" thing hit me in the face Tuesday when we came back from the clinic. Alice just turned 2 months old and, as a birthday present (!), we decided (after much considerations) to have her vaccinated. Things went smoothly at the clinic (except that I was scared shitless to have my intrauterine device installed but this is another story) but, as soon as we got back home, Alice started to cry like she never did before.

Maybe it is my mother instinct but without realizing it I was lying on my side in bed, skin to skin with my feverish baby, rocking her gently with my left arm while breastfeeding. At that moment, I truly realized how precious and emotional breastfeeding can be. Alice slowly calmed down (the baby acetaminophen probably helped a bit!!!) and eventually she fell asleep with her little hand touching my chest. This was truly a magical moment for me.

* * * * *

luke and pamela: Oh, cool! I used to be part of a community garden. It is so much fun...especially with a baby on your back :)

ali: Well, there must be a lot of "limited" people...ah ah ah!!!

courtney: Thank you so much Courtney! So, are you going to re-open your was so good!

claire: Can I see the list please?

liz: Thank you for the link. Pretty strange things over there!!!

veronica darling: Ah! The joy of fusible interfacing (it was, however, a challenge on t-shirt material).

anneemall: Thank you so much :)

sofisan: And since it is an old t-shirt, the cushion is super soft. I really like it and it is eco-friendly.

daniela: Well, I also think that Alice's mom is kinda cool ;) ah ah ah!!!

oscarlucinda: Just taking time to read a "not baby" related book is pretty wonderful! Just 1-2 hours makes such a big difference (to my opinion anyway).

olena: I really like Alices' mom (!), it is just that it makes me a bit sad when during a day 99.9% of what I talked about is baby related.

su: I think that the old me is pretty happy to be back (part-time only)!!!

may: I don't really have tricks. I just take some time to do "me" having a pedicure (aaahhhhh, love pedicures).

kate / tinywarbler: Thank you Kate. I was pretty please with the tea towel idea.

taryn: I agree! I'm totally devoted to Alice but sometimes it is good to think about other stuff. I find that I'm more relax when I come back to Alice after a little "mommy break".

jacinthe: ah ouin! Je dis pas non à une petite visite chez H&M.

asphalt and air: OMG, thank you so much for all the information! I'm actually pretty excited to go on holidays with Alice (and my husband and my dog)!

gayla: I'm actually working on a cute kimono for Alice :) Can't wait to finish it and take a few pictures.


Lola said...

I had one of those moments too... right after my poor three month old rolled off a footstool. (I know, worst parent ever). She was so devastated but everything was better when she latched on.

and seriously, she is the cutest thing ever.

Vanessa said...

My moment was immediately after Eden received her vaccinations...the doctor led me and my severely distressed 2 month old to a private room where I fed her until she finally sobbed/sucked herself to sleep on my breast. Knowing I was such a comfort to her really helped me get past the guilt I felt from having her vaccinated.

And I'd love to hear about the device and exactly how it works...weird question, I know...but I am looking for some kind of birth control. Especially since I've started my first period in a year today!! I guess this means I'm fertile again? already!? bleh!

Janet said...

We're doing the vaccinations next week for Juno's two month visit. So necessary, but I'm terrified to see her in pain. So nice to know you had a good ending to that situation. I'll try the same...

I'd like to hear about the IUD too, if you're willing. Trying to decide what to do myself...

Rebecca said...

That romper is even cuter on!!
And again, re: breastfeeding, just another mind-blowing way I see how our bodies are made to do this!! Amazing! I really hope breastfeeding is something I will be able to do, and well. I'm so glad you've found it possible!

one claire day said...

Breastfeeding is beautiful - it's such a comfort for them (and often for the mother, too!).

Needles aren't fun at all... my girl is due for her next round in a couple of days. Ouch.

x claire

P.S - Alice is looking tooooo cute!

Bess Callard said...

Gahhhhh! Claudia, Alice is like the world's CUTEST baby!! I'm sorry to hear she wasn't feeling well, but it sounds like your mommy powers kicked in and made everything better :) Happy 2 month birthday Alice!!

Pauper said...

Poor little mite! What a beautiful moment. I remember having a similar time with my little one after a terrifying incident in her first week--until that moment the breastfeeding was only practical and I hadn't felt much beyond that as we really struggled with it at first. Wow, sweet little Alice is growing so fast! PS. Did you make Alice's little dress in the photo? It's lovely!

cal's mum said...

I had to stop breastfeeding earlier than I planned due to abscess surgery (beware of any mastitis symptoms, do not ignore them, it gets bad!) and I still get upset when I think about it, I was heartbroken losing this bond. I had to relearn how to be close and comfort my baby without breastfeeding to do it. So enjoy every minute of it, even the tough and tiring ones as it's a sad day when it's gone.

Cara Carmina said...

Hello!!!! :D
your baby is lovely! :)

saw your message in flickr... nice to meet you and the squirrels... (the ones in you photos... looove them) :)


erica said...

hey claudia,
love reading your blog. my son also just turned 2 mo, so a lot of parallel moments to relate too. i agree, i breastfeed my son not b/c it fulfills some need in myself, but b/c it is the healthiest thing i could ever give him. (helping to prevent sids, diabetes, certain cancers, allergies, & the list goes on)

breastfeeding IS so bizarre and wonderful. sometimes overwhelming. but the precious moments, they're starting to show up occasionally too. more often now that he looks up at me mid-feed with his big eyes & bright smile. as if to say "thanks for the grub, mom."

he had a very minor surgery last week. he cried. i cried. and breastfeeding made it all better. (;