Tuesday 9 August 2011

One Year, 39 Weeks and Five Days

Like for most mothers, the arrival of a brand new baby implies the beginning of a never ending collection of pictures. I can't explain it but, in my case, it is visceral!

But, I asked myself, what to do with those adorable portraits?
Simple, you make another* Blurb book :)

As the title implies it, the book will focus on my pregnancy (39 weeks and 5 days) and Alice's first year with us. There won't be much text (only a few dates and my birth story) but I hope that, as the expression suggests it, a picture is worth a thousand words.

* A few years ago, I made a Blurb book with 100 of my favorite pictures from my first 365 photo challenge.

* * * * *

tassy: There is a baby Whisperer Book?!? This technique looks pretty good. I love what you wrote about :"You will leave but you will always come back. They trust you. So they go to sleep". Knowing that my baby would not trust me anymore would break my heart!

little gray pixel: CIO is such an interesting subject. I never got comments that were that generous before. You are so right. There is no "ONLY and BEST method" since each baby is different. For my friend, as you said, it will work with practice. Um, this situation is a lose-lose situation: let the baby cry or don't let the baby cry. Yes, people can be a bit judgmental...even if they are doing that to "help" you! Take care xox

lina: Alice didn't have colic but, OMG, you have no idea how much I admire mothers (and fathers) who had to deal with colicky babies. It must be horrible to feel so powerless while your baby is crying...every evening. You rock Lina :)

j: I didn't know Ask Moxie. I will look at it now. I can't wait to read about the tension releaser vs. tension increaser. It sounds very interesting. There is a difference, I think, between a bit of crying and true CIO method. Anyway, you know your baby and what is best for your situation. What is your bedtime routine? So, you are going back to work soon...enjoy every moments until you go back teaching.

peanut: Thank you so much for the story. It is very interesting! I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog. I always try to be honest and positive at the same time. Not always easy but so far so good. Are you doing any special treatment to have a baby? You don't have to answer me if you don't want to talk about it. One of my good friend is in that difficult situation. Take care.

~mama e: I think that I'm also turning into a baby book freak. I really love to read about that subject (especially cultural stuff). The teething necklace is good since it is small enough for Alice to keep it in her mouth or play with it using her little fingers. I just have to be careful if I use it when Alice is in the Ergo. If she falls asleep, she gets it in the forehead and, well, not cool for her ;) xox

courtney: Already 11 months? Wow, crazy how time flies!!! If I can ask, you must be pretty tired going to work and having cut nights. You are truly a super hot mama :)

daniela: Oh, you have a sleep routine. We don't really have one at the moment. Alice normally sleeps at 8:30 and I feed her one last time at 10:00 but I know that some babies go to bed at 7:00 and I don't know how to do that. I think that if books are stressing you, well, go easy with them. Too much information can be pretty bad! Good luck and take care xox

melissa: I'm getting an amazing book list. Maybe I should start a "baby book" book club! That could actually be cool. Anyway. Oh, 1:30am! This must be pretty difficult for you and your husband. How did it go? A sleep plan (I must read about that)?

joeynomad: Thank you! I'm so happy that, for the moment, Alice is a super sleeper. But things might change and I hope that I will never have to try the CIO method.

pj: Yes, the next meeting is tomorrow. Take a plane right now...we are waiting for you ;) I love the "The Happiest Baby on the Block" (well, I have the DVD since I didn't know that it was a book in the first place). Wow, 4 weeks already!?!

maya: You can do it hot mama!!! xox

Anonymous: You are so right. I'm very happy to do the African way (it works for us) because, as you said, time will go by so quickly. It is more demanding but, oh, so much better!


~mama e said...

cool, thanks i'll probably get one of those necklaces then..the teething is a hard go right now. u should totally start a book club. (:

anyway, it's agreed across the board that all new mamas need/crave sleep & alone time with their partner; how we get there is where the story varies. i think there lies a danger in in creating a mom "versus" baby scenario which not always but sometimes is the case in the CIO method.

someone commented about their uncle who had to go outside, leaving the crying baby inside; sometimes stepping away to catch your breath & sanity & perspective can be SUCH a needed relief.

i also think it's important to remind our friends thinking about having children just how much sacrifice and responsibility is required in tending a new soul. yes, they add bundles of cuteness to our lives, but we also must consider their biological needs and the fact that that may become the most DEMANDING job we will ever know.

CIO may appeal to some & may be just what is needed in particular cases, but there are certain neural (brain) developmental stages called "regressions" in which a baby absolutely needs his/her mother and CIO in that case would be physically/emotionally detrimental... with Irreversible long-term effects. the book THE WONDER WEEKS talks about these stages:

THE NO-CRY SLEEP SOLUTION is a good book for those looking to get baby to self-sooth and sleep on their own. & I think it's very "middle-way" as in it's okay for babe to cry a few minutes on his own. It's not black and white. we're all doing the best we can! cheers to all mamas!!

Clairsy said...

ooh, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Blurb books - I'm keen to print our wedding album with blurb (I know, almost married 2 years now, need to get onto that), are you happy with the quality?
Cute little book you got there!