Thursday 1 September 2011

This is not serious?!?

Dan and I are devastated ;)
You really can't compare Alice with Atticus or Saraphina!


courtney said...

haha. arlo escaped unscathed!

lola said...

I'm going to admit now to being a little too obsessed with naming my children uncommon names. Like the first thing I do is check to make sure it's out of the top 300 names on the Social security name list. Alice is a beautiful name and very classic. I love it. I can relate to your devastation though :)

bugheart said...

yep, i read
that recently.
it's our collective
those of the same
generation gravitate
certain names.
can't worry
about such things
(not that you are).
my german mother
picked a name for me
she had
never heard before
and it ended up being
one of the most
common names
of my generation.
oh well.

Di said...

I'm not sure if I'd be more horrified that Sarah Palin's grandchild had the same name or that it was on a list of unusual hip names. I think I would be happy it was considered hip! I do know a few Alice's and of course I have a friend whose child is called Arlo Atticus Jefferson Smith - a great name I think! Her husband drew the line at Atticus as the first name!

Little Gray Pixel said...

Too funny that Alice made the list. I think your name is classic and classy, not trendy!

one claire day said...

Alice will never be hipster. She is a classic beauty. X

one claire day said...

And just curious with you speaking Frenglish... is 'Eulalie' familiar to you? x

Little Gray Pixel said...

Claudia, I just came back to get the link to this list to send a friend, and I noticed my comment was wonky because I left out a word.

Should read "I think your baby's name is classic and classy." :-)

(Psst: Your name is classy, too.)

Anonymous said...

I sympathise...we called our baby girl Wren, which is also on the list. I found it in a baby names book - very un-hipster of us! We love it and we're not hipsters! Alice lovely and a classic...

courtney said...

p.s. alice is one of my very favorite girl names... it's sweet and classic. it was at the top of my list when i was pregnant. you're way hipper than hipsters, claudia. :) xx