Tuesday 1 November 2011

Ignorant Claudia - Baby gift edition

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement regarding my wisdom tooth extraction. My dentist can be pretty anti-social but he knows how to do his job. So after 15 minutes on the chair it was time to put my blue wool coat on and go back home.

As I was walking to the dentist I realized the last time I wore my blue wool coat was on our way to the hospital while I was in labor...almost 7 months ago. So maybe my dentist is not anti-social but he just didn't give a shit about my over the top emotional coat/childbirth story! Yeah, it is more likely to be the case.


So, my dad is the kind of person who annoys you for your Christmas present list even before Halloween. This year was no exception. This is why I keep a little post-it on the fridge to occasionally write gift ideas that could eventually make the cut for my (or Dan's) list. However, I didn't make a list for Alice because, frankly, we don't really need anything...except diapers but my dad said he would not give Alice diapers because it is, according to his values, an inappropriate Christmas present for his only grand-daughter.

I made a tiny list of toys that could suit my dad's idea of a decent Christmas present for Alice but I would like to get your suggestions. What gift (not necessarily toys) do you give to an almost 1 year old baby?

A cute pull along toy
A colorful shape sorter

A creepy yet cute stack and swivel clown

A "not sound aggressive" pound and tap musical bench

* * * * *

No picture...simply words (because getting a camera can sometimes ruin the moment)

Sitting on a rocking chair in a room filled with afternoon sun. Alice resting her head on my shoulder while sleeping. The dog at my feet and the cat snoozing in front of me on the loveseat. Gently moving back and forth while listening to the soundtrack of Amélie. Kissing the top of Alice's head and smelling her sweet baby skin. The soundtrack played entirely (50 minutes)...until the cat woke up and puked on my new rug!

is it a sin, is it a crime
loving you, dear, like I do?
if it's a crime, then I'm guilty
guilty of loving you

* * * * *

dear olive: I honestly don't know that many people that were aware of this condition. And yes, it is so easy to let fear overtake...ah, protective mothers ;)

oneeyedrabbit: It is not necessarily an hygiene question. Some babies have little hormonal imbalance that can also cause fused labia. Anyway, every parent would be freaking out!

hoola tallulah: It is not that I'm well researched. It was simply part of Alice's doctor regular speech about baby girl. I would have never figured that out by myself! I can't look at diseases and stuff like that on Internet...I promised Dan a few years ago...Internet can be pretty intense for an hypochondriac. However, I control myself very well and I almost never go to a doctor unless it is very necessary (like a pneumonia 2 years ago)! Kids should eat dirt...but not slugs ;)

becca: Ah ah ah, a "poop freak". Yes, as long as we have normal happy babies we should just relax and take it easy.

a loopy life: Thank you! She really loves the cat...but the cat doesn't love her that much.

meghan: Oh, you are right, motherhood can be pretty conflicting when you get too many opinions. Instincts come first (for me anyway).

emily: Honestly, this is the one thing that I'm super happy about my motherhood adventure: I totally trust my instincts (but I have awesome blog mom friends to answer my questions...so it helps a lot)!

kate / tinywarbler: I'm a super chicken person so I very rarely watch scary films or tv shows. However, I do love zombies stuff so I should give walking dead a try (I didn't know that show until now). Thank you for the info. Oh, you should make a tent for West Coast Alice...it is such an easy project.

janet: I also love that Alice finds me comforting but sometimes it can be a bit draining...and I'm not working! You rock lady :)

little gray pixel: It is really not that bad. I hope you will get a speedy recovery like me. Get some good pain killer for the night...I was high as a kite (but the pills were ok for breastfeeding).

ali: I still have another one to remove but in a few years...I will take my time.

bec hem: When I came back home I took a long nap but since it was a piece of cake to deal with I didn't get much special treatment from my husband ;)

julia: Pineapple? Really!?! Next time I go to the dentist (I read your comment when I came back home from my extraction) I will ask him about the magical power of that fruit!

bess callard: Actually, it went so well that I had salmon with potatoes and carrots for lunch...2 hours after the "operation". I was simply eating on my left side only. I was so lucky.

taryn: Thank you. I love to take pictures of Alice...all the freakin time!

peanut: I know... we are teething at the same time. It is pretty silly when you think about it. And you are right, it is truly not that bad...just a bit gross. General anesthetic for wisdom teeth is not very common here. A friend from France told me that over there it is usual but you need to have all 4 remove at the same time. I didn't have much aftercare instructions. It was all very basic stuff.

jamie: Thank you Jamie but, honestly, I freaked out for nothing.

bugheart: Thank you. It was great to have some relax time (half a day) but since I was feeling fine things went back as usual asap. Oh well!

jennifer: Thank you for the information. This was not in my book. So yes, she is right on schedule.

sara: Really? This is bizarre. I'm going to the CLSC tomorrow since I have some nutrition questions and I will ask the nice (there is one that I really like) nurse about it. I will let you know what she said. Thank you so much for the information.


190.arch said...

I think a nice gift for a baby Alice's age could be something to push, with or without wheels, better with wheels you can block so she can push it safely. Better if this trolley has a kind of box or basket where she can get throw in and out stuff. She'll become a crawler and then a walker in less time you can imagine.
That nice wooden toy you show above with shaped holes and their solid pieces to fit in is not ok yet, it carries a lot of frustation for your baby even if it looks like a great educative toy. It wll be ok when she'll be older, closest to 2 years old or ever older.
Also a music box she can grab is a good idea... and tons of books, tons of them!!
I ask scuses for my english, it is not the best : )


Daniela said...

Hello!!! Good to hear you are doing well :)
I don't know if this could qualify as a Christmas present, but it is such a great idea that I have to share it with you! Some friends, for the first birthday of their twins asked for presents people would give to an 18 year old instead of baby stuff (we already have everything the baby needs by this point) so that when they turn 18, they can open all the presents they got as 1 year olds! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?
We are totally going to do that on the "name day" or her birthday :D
And Christmas... we are thinking about asking for help to buy a bicycle carriage http://www.chariotcarriers.com/english/html/full_product_line.php
Or maybe swimming lessons, don't know what else it could be... Olivia really doesn't need or care about anything fancy. This mamma though, could use a new wool coat, a new bag, a new computer, a desk (should I go on???)

sara said...

J'ai un peu le même soucis que toi! C'est un âge où les jeux sont tout de même limités...
Je pense que je vais demander des choses très pratiques, comme une combinaison de neige, peut-être un parc/lit portatif, siège auto...
Et si vraiment les gens veulent acheter des jouets, je pense que je vais demander des jouets pour enfants plus âgés, tant pis! Elle ne s'en servira pas tout de suite mais c'est pas grave. Sinon, je pense que que tu aimeras ce site (page jouets mais les habits sont malades aussi!) les frais de port sont raisonnables (moins de 10$, quel que soit le poids): http://www.shak-shuka.com/view-all/

Lydia said...

Nesting boxes or blocks are fun for a one-year-old. My four-year-old still plays with these.

Here are some cute ones:

Peanut said...

Well ... Pull toys are awesome. I still remember the frog at my grandmother's house. I also remember someone telling me that one year olds go through a lot more clothes changes every day (why was not explained but I figured it had something to do with solid food) so a couple of cute outfits (maybe the mix and match kind) might be handy.

I'm glad to hear your tooth extraction was so quick. I'm sorry to hear your cat threw up; they never, ever are willing to do it on an easy to clean surface.

Maria W said...

The gifts my daughter got for her1st b-day that hhave been in constant use are the shape sorter, a Brio wagon and Duplo Legos plus her sled to play in the snow. Beware of that stacking clown. We got one and my daughter loved it but when the rings come off it is pretty much like a big wooden hammer she can bang on everything with.....we have the cracks in our piano o prove it ;)

Suite Henry said...

I agree with your dad. Diapers are not appropriate from him. He wants to spoil her - much to your chagrin, I'm sure. Grandparents are terrible influences.

I like that bottom toy - babies like pounding things. Or so I've seen.

190.arch said...

Ikea trolley for toddler's is not the best choice, wheels doesn't block and it's not very safe. Is there Imaginarium in Montreal?. They have so beautiful things for children all ages!

kate / tinywarbler said...

i'm glad it was quick for you. ;)
great ideas for pressies, she will have a lovely christmas morning!
and most of all i love the picture you made with words. so peaceful and beautiful. afternoon naptimes are the best.

Clairsy said...

A Brio train set!! Ok, I think they're for ages 3+, but they're so great with heaps of different components and pieces you can add on - tracks, bridges, different trains etc. so family members can keep adding to it for many birthdays/Christmas' to come.
I already bought one for our unborn baby, and I've played with it heaps, hehe. So has my 2 year old nephew.
Quite a few people have asked "what if you have a girl?" which is so weird, I had no idea trains were boys only? I don't think so, I remember it as my one of my favorite toys when I was a kid, and played with it heaps!