Saturday 17 December 2011

Relaxing according to Claudia

There are many ways to relax. Some people go to the spa or to the movie theater. More rebellious people take a few drinks or smoke some weed! Would you like to know what I did to chill out this weekend? I dipped pinecones, that I gathered a few weeks ago at my mom's house, in latex paint using a pair of pliers! I'm so freaking zen right now ;)

1. Put leftover latex paint that you had in your basement or in your garage in a container!
2. Add a bit of water to thin the paint and mix.
3. Dip pinecones in paint.
4. Remove excess paint using the pliers (or a tool of your choice) to hold the pinecone.
5. Let pinecones dry on a piece of wax paper.
6. Repeat if you want more coverage (I did 2 coats for a "ceramic look").

Other people take naps when they want to relax but this is too easy for me!

* * * * *

vanessa - lynn david handbag co.: Oh yes, I loved "hunting" rabbit or deer hoofprints in the snow. And it was a "party" when we discovered a pile of deer poop ;)

jen: Um? What is helicopter soup? Wow, what a cool cardboard house you had!!!

di: My mom told me that when I was a young kid I really REALLY enjoyed her saucepans, wooden spoons and plastic containers. Dan was really into lego so he can't wait to play with Alice.

gimbo: Thank you so much. It was a fun little project. A pet rock? This is fun!

rita: Oh, send me a picture of your little Lucia.

suite henry: I don't know where my baby teeth are?!?

tania: I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog. I think that I will write more about simplicity parenting soon.

maria w: Wow, this is cool! I didn't know about the fine art of newspaper toy crafting. I must investigate.

the franglaise: Oh, c'mon, you are a very creative person!

pj: You don't have a Christmas tree? This is my favorite thing about the Holidays. You could get a mini (like super small) tree and make a mini tree stand cozy.

ruby may: You could do it with so many things: sea shell, driftwood, pieces of ceramic...of the possibilities.

ele: I love my little stone collection (I have about 30 stones). I don't know what Alice will collect when she will be a bit older.


The Franglaise said...

You're a productive "relaxer"! i'm more like your hubby and daughter, zzzz...ZZZ..zzz...! :)

Daniela said...

OMG you're one crafty mamma! Gorgeous!

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

love the pine cones and your guys r so so cute

oscarlucinda said...

those little white pine cones are magical.

am saving all these crafty ideas for next xmas...might get the time to do them? unless you have any one-handed activiites for a mama with a little one who hates to leave her mama's arms?!

Sandra said...

Love this idea. Normally I just bake that kind of pinecone. They come out so nice and glossy. But I'm going to do this painted idea next year for sure!!
ps your little girl is really way to cute!! But I would like to see her in more knit that her grandma made her. :)

Have a great christmas!

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous, and what a great idea for those of who relax by...doing stuff. And, the baby looks pretty damn chilled out too. Have a great holiday.

bugheart said...

i meant to
do this for
our tree ornaments.
i love how
yours turned out!