Sunday 22 January 2012

Alice à Paris

It is great to have French friends who cross the pound once in a while to visit their families in Paris but it is even better when those friends have wonderful taste in baby girl clothes.

Lucky Alice (and lucky me who totally enjoy playing doll with my daughter) scored today some delightful clothes purchased over the Holidays by my friend J and his girlfriend D. Between two meals, probably loaded with foie gras, yummy cheeses and decadent desserts, they went to a little boutique called...Alice à Paris! How cool is that!?!

My heart beat probably got much faster as I opened the bag and discovered some of the most fashionable baby clothes that I ever saw. I like H&M and Gap but Alice à Paris is in a different category...and the price is still very affordable. There is only one problem, Alice is still too small (size 12 months) so I have to wait a bit before she can wear her present!!!

With all my heart, I can't wait for those awesome friends to get pregnant and make stylish babies...after all, I'm sure that Alice won't mind if there is another kid in Montreal with cool sirwal, ah!

Thank you so much J and D
See you soon

* * * * *

bloom right here: I also understand the joy of soft, washcloths...especially if they are warm. Alice dislikes so much paper tissue for nose-wiping.

gillian: Alice is almost 10 months old and no teething for the moment. I have nightmares that she starts school with bare gums! Hope your little Mia will feels better soon. That cushion is so so so cute. Oh, you started a blog :)

sandra: I don't have her chance since I look like crap when I'm sick (like this morning).

olga: Wow, thank you so much for the link. And I still have Lanolin cream (I didn't have any irritation so I pretty much never used it). I actually use it on my dry hands at the moment and it works very well.

thelifepursuit: She feels better now but Dan and I are sick! Oh well, this is life.

lindsey [homegrown spud]: Thank you! At one point she was coughing so much that she vomited her blueberry puree + cereal all over the floor. Poor kitten.

gimbo: I think that she will be top shape tomorrow :)


mjb said...

I hope my next baby is a girl so I can have fun dressing her up! But I might be in trouble knowing about cute European brands like this.

indigorchid said...

Aaaaah, those are the cutest, stylishest little baby clothes I have ever seen! Lucky little Alice!

Shannah said...

These are soooo cute!
Is it wrong to want 12 month baby clothes in my size?!

sara-ananda said...

HAAAA, je t'en avais parlé, je crois, de ce magasin! Les 3/4 de la garde robe d'august provient de là bas. Ils font de super soldes et déstock aussi. Il y a d'autres magasins de ce type à Paris (d'ailleurs, bon, je veux pas paraitre snob mais allez, si: les habits pour enfants à paris sont bien plus chouettes qu'ici).

taryn said...


emily said...


hello milky said...

hope they ship to australia!

The Franglaise said...

Oh, I love Alice a Paris!! There's a shop 5min from where I live. I like the fact that the clothes are good quality basics + they are affordable. I'm sure your Alice is going to look tres Parisienne in her French outfits! ;)