Thursday 19 January 2012

The fine art of storytelling

Storytelling Skills
(from Effective Storytelling : a manual for beginners)

Dialog should make use of different voices and postures for different characters

Voice should create the atmosphere or tension as the story progresses.

Gestures and facial expressions add much to the visualization of the story. Be sure they are appropriate and natural. Practice them!

Pacing involves both the volume and rate at which you speak, and the progression of the action in the story. Dialog slows a story's pace down, while narrating action speeds it up.

Repetition and exaggeration have always been basic elements of story telling.

Most importantly, relax and be yourself.
Develop your own style, one you are comfortable with.

As the very hungry caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly, we realized that Alice was having her first cold...and that I had a bad case of blocked milk duct.

The end.

note: This used to be my sweater (made by my mom 32 years ago).

* * * * *

suite henry : Now that I use mascara, I'm always scared that I might look like a raccoon. I also hate taking it off at night.

martha: Thank you for the link. I watched most of her videos. It looks pretty easy (well, except for the party look). And water rocks :)

new duds: I also look like a living dead in winter. I got a big brush and I love to use it...I love the movement and the feeling on my skin (yes, I'm strange just like that).

verypurpleperson: I agree with you. Sunscreen is so important. Liquid is very tricky. Mineral is so much better and fun to apply. Thank you so much for the link.

christine: I don't think that we have SIM in Montreal. I like your simple routine...totally my style. I also got a red lipstick and I used it last summer at a wedding. It looked pretty cool but I would not use it to go to the grocery store because I'm still to shy.

ali: You are so funny. Lip balm is also very nice.

su: What a great idea your mom had. I will totally do that with a few years.

juultje: I'm so like you (picturing my clogging pores during the day). Thank you so much for all the tips that you gave me. You know a lot about makeup :)

indigorchid: OMG, you made your own cheek-tint! You rock girl!!!

the Franglaise: Ohhhh, black Khol pencil. I'm so not there yet. Red lipstick looks so cool, for example, in a JCrew catalog but in real life it is another story...most of the time anyway!

emily: Cetaphil rocks :)

vanessa at lynn david: You are such a pro...everyday since high school, wow wow wow.

anneemall: We are red nose sisters! Dan is also in the club but maybe not as a sister ;) Ah, the magic trick! The only makeup that I had is a green powder. We have La Roche-Posay here but they don't have makeup (mostly lotions). Bye bye red nose!

janet: I also think that going eco (as in eco-friendly and not necessarily economical) is super important. I have very dry skin around my eyes so I don't know if I should try eyeshadow. Maybe when winter will be over? I love Burt's Bees. Thank you for all the info.

uk lass in us: Don't say that you are a failure as a girl! I fresh face without makeup is also super nice (to my opinion). Happy to know that the dog is fine but, wtf, a misdiagnosis!!!

ivana: Go blush go go!!!

dnamtl: Mascara does make a big you said, I look more alive, ah! I enjoyed the red lipstick that I had last summer for my friend's wedding...but it was for a special occasion (this is my problem).

rebecca: Most women that I know are not too much into "intense" makeup. I think that simple makeup is always a good choice. I also get the "you look tired/sick/like hell" comments at work every once in a while.

clairsy: I have a new obsession : YouTube makeup videos!

thelifepursuit: You are awesome! I love bright red lipstick (in magazines) but not for me at the moment. Maybe next summer when I won't look like a vampire ;)

isa: Le fond de teint minéral semble vraiment très chouette. Pourquoi est-ce que je ne connaissais pas ce truc miracle avant!

new duds: Yeah, I changed my mind about most drugstore products (I like the cetaphil products that I got and the mascara). Makeup is so expensive (even the budget one) that I find it smart to get better quality products and some advices from a real professional. I see it as an investment!

taryn: Happy to know that I'm not the only one that feels useless in the makeup department. I would love to see your makeup drawer ;)

bec hem: Maybe I should ask some of my friends for be continued ;)

denise: As soon as I get a ride, I will visit Sephora (they are all in the suburbs). It looks like a very cool place.

alyson: I don't think that Zuzu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation is available in Montreal. I will take a look online. Thank you for the information hot mama.

gimbo: I don't think that we have La Roche Posay cosmetics for problem skin (I only see lotions and cleaners). Ah, Canada :(


Christine said...

Couldn't resist posting a follow-up comment... actually SIM is from Montreal! But, I am not sure where to buy it, I think it's only available to salons (I bought it from a friend who runs one). Hmm...

luke and pamela said...

that sweater!!!! love it.

also: i didn't have a chance to comment, but i haven't worn makeup in years, because i am pretty low maintenance and because i have no idea how to use it, so i am definitely glad you are sharing your journey!

Lin said...

Love the sweater! And poor you - colds and blocked milk ducts often go hand in hand :(

oscarlucinda said...

Oh I'm so looking forward to the reading books stage. We 'read' books with Saskia every so often but I think she's just mesmerised with the turning of pages bit!

I'm a bit of a children's book addict so will have to post some of my favourites. What are Alice's favourites? She's looking mighty cute in that sweater...even with a cold. Hope you're both feeling better x

ps. thanks for your comments about sleeping. we plan on co-sleeping until it doesn't work for us all anymore...but I'd love to think that we're still enjoying it by Alice's age.