Friday 16 March 2012

Long term investment

Since I was in denial about Alice's first birthday (March 30th), I didn't give much thought on what we will give her as a gift.

We love the idea of just giving her one (1) gift but it has to be pretty awesome. I prefer giving her one object that will rock her world (fine, an empty box could probably do the trick but you know...) instead of many items that will eventually get lost in a sea of baby junk. And because I categorized myself as an "hippie chic" mom, I generally go for hand crafted - natural materials - minimalist design - durable. In other words, I'm pretentious, picky and it drives my family crazy.

While quietly rocking Alice to sleep, I told myself that we could give her a fun rocking device for her birthday. Etsy to the rescue!

And the winner is a Rocking Sheep by Bright Spark Design...with a 7-8 weeks delay due to popular demand. This brings us after Alice's birthday but she probably won't mind. Especially since she is a bit too young to use a Rocking Sheep all by herself (about 18 months).

Yes, it is a bit pricey but I intend on keeping it as a souvenir even when Alice will be too big to use it. After all, my mom still has my old rocking horse at her house.

* * * * *

little gray pixel: Bowie! I need some Bowie for Alice.

painted fish studio: Thank you.

anonymous: Wow, thank you for the link.

kt: Awesome! You are an expert at baby music. And I love to do car operas :)

olena: I will try to find those books/CDs in Montreal. Anyway, I have many friends that are from France so they can always find them for me! However, would you have the title? Thank you.

ines: Thank you so much for the informations. It looks pretty cool.

nankie: I really want to thank you for your comment regarding breastfeeding. This is the kind of thing I see myself doing. You are an awesome mom. xox

one claire day: Ah! I like to thin that Alice will have good taste in music...especially when she will be a teenager ;)


Paula Kiliclar said...

what a beautiful present for baby Alice.

oscarlucinda said...

Such a beautiful treasure. I love the idea of a carefully crafted piece of 'furniture' to keep & pass down. Lucky Alice x

(! Really?!?)


Olena said...

Sorry, my last comment lost somehow the links I ment to send.

Here are some of the CDs we loved :

And I heard these are great too :

Jacinthe said...

Pour ses 1 ans; mes parents ont offert à PO une chaise berçante. Un peu dans le même esprit de truc qui se passent.. Avant je le berçais, maintenant, on se berce coté à côté avant le dodo...ça grandit si vite!!!

jamie said...

love this!

i had the SAME thought.

but... i presented the idea of getting him a basket full of musical instruments and his dad REALLY liked the idea, so we may end up with that....

G said...
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