Monday 4 June 2012

Little lumberjack


It is always surprising when, one morning, you wake up to discover that your daughter chewed the paint off "your" carefully selected crib!

You can buy crib rail guard protectors but all the reviews that I read were mediocre. So, I took the sewing machine out of the closet for a little project.

What you need:
cute fabric
absorbent fabric (ex: thick cotton jersey)
bias tape
ribbon (ex: bias tape)
...a few hours if your baby is not taking a nap!

1) Measure your crib rail

2) Cut cute fabric 

3) Evaluate how many layers (ex: 3) of absorbent fabric you need to protect the rail...babies have very destructive little teeth. Cut absorbent fabric. 

4) Pin all layers together and quilt for stability (ex: every inch)

5) Cover the raw edges with bias tape (binding)

6) Install a few ribbons (ex: 5)

note: To achieve a "clean" look (I didn't want to see the ribbon...I failed at using snaps and buttons looked a bit dangerous!), I only stitched a few inches of the ribbon in the middle of the "teething quilt"...not all the way to the edge (see last picture). By doing that "technique", the ribbons are "invisible".


Anne said...

Voilà une bonne idée qui me sera utile très bientôt (Paul ne se tient pas encore debout, mais ça va arriver vite). J'espère que je trouverai le temps, car je reprends le travail dans 1 semaine... Sinon, ma maman se fera un plaisir de le faire, elle est bien meilleure couturière que moi.

shanon said...

Haha, I wish I would have thought of this! I probably could use one now, just to cover the massive chew marks all along the side. I probably shouldn't have let him do that, but I pick my battles. ; )

Unknown said...

Love this! I am going to have to make some of these for next year! :)

gillian said...

i need these for my poor fingers.
mia's taken to grabbing my hands and biting my fingers lately :/

Daniela said...

Clever Claudia!! Great idea! :D

PJ said...

I wish I knew how to sew! This is so lovely, Claudia. I'm starting to look at crib rail guards but none seem like the right choice.