Friday 22 June 2012

Vintage clothe pins are educational

Sometimes, the most awesome toys are homemade and dirt cheap!

Therefore, I'm!?...yogurt container + vintage clothe pins game = fine motor skill toy that will keep your young toddler focused for a long period of time!

My dad gave Alice a lovely wooden sorting shapes box. As expected, this kind of toy can create a bit of frustration with young toddlers since their eye + hand coordination is not developed enough.    

The yogurt container + vintage clothe pins game is perfect to improve the skills necessary to eventually enjoy my dad's present. 

You will need :
vintage clothe pins (or new one as long as they don't have springs)
yogurt container (or whatever plastic container with a lid)
knife and/or scissor

Basically, you do your best to cut a hole in the middle of the lid (a bit bigger than the size of the clothe pin). To be extra safe you can put, if you are like me, way too much tape around the hole to avoid potential injuries. You sit on the floor with your kid, demonstrate a few times how to play the game, and you are in business.

Have a lovely weekend.

* * * * *
sara: I hope that you have a good time in France. You are not lazy. You are smart! I also changed a few things in my house to avoid unnecessary "no" with Alice. Oh, I have no idea concerning the "don't touch people in the subway" since we also have that little problem, ah! Let me know if you have a solution.

pj: You are right. It is very hard in practice. It is a learning experience for me.

taryn: I know. They are just toddlers and not mini-adults! When Alice does something "bad", I always try to see it from her point of view. It helps a lot before I get no no!!! 

uk lass in us: Thank you. This will go in my little note book :)

joanna: I'm so happy that you enjoy my little adventures!

one claire day: Thank you! I just started to use "gentle hands" (but in French). Also perfect with the cat and the dog. xox

hoola tallulah: You always make me smile. You are such an awesome mom. So honest.

sid.:  It is great to know that so many moms had to deal with that situation. Some people looked at us (situation at the park) like if Alice and I had just killed a kitten.

kt: The tanks also work for me (and I'm 32!)...especially the eat part...maybe also the poop one, ah ah ah!!!

di: Except that I almost killed myself with the hammock the first time that I used it, it was AWESOME!!! I would love an hammock. 

alyson: This is so funny! 

clair: Thank you and welcome to my little mom blog. xox 

brooke: Yes it was!!! 

paula kiliclar: I also love love love :)


Di said...

Love it! My mum always says that we were perfectly happy as children if you gave us the clothes pegs, some pans and a wooden spoon - we'd spend hours happily banging away on the pans, stirring the clothes pegs around......oh and we also loved large cardboard boxes!

Guru said...

what a great idea!
My daughter Claudia, also enjoyed playing with clothe pins ... How will she entertained, more than any other toy.

sandra said...

This is great!
I'm going to make one for Finn. Thanks for the great idea!