Monday 30 July 2012

Cosleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding...

...and a lovely walk on the mountain with good friends.


Oh, and a funny illustration that was in one of Alice's book from the library!

Have an awesome week :)

note: cosleeping picture taken by Dan at 5:30am...without my permission, ah!


KELLY said... that photo of you sleeping together so closely. beautiful. one of my favourite things to do with my own daughter.

i had a funny situation this week as my 2 1/2 year old watched a new baby being breastfed. she was completely amazed and intrigued and i was just a little sad but still amused that she came to me wanting to try it! there was a lot of talk of nipples for a few days afterwards :) shame it didn't work out for us. i so wanted to breastfeed but only now she is interested!!

emily -- a denver home companion said...

that bed sharing photo is so precious.

i wish wish wish ramona would still sleep next to me but she cannot sleep still! she's like a pinball machine at night bouncing back and forth between jp and i. it seems she only settles down when we give her space. i miss those snuggly nights!