Thursday 30 August 2012

The daily quote...


 ...from You Are Your Child's First Teacher

"Young children tend to be very verbal, leading parents to fall into the trap of relating to them on a rational level. Asking your two-year-old, "Do you want to..." invite a negative answer from a child of this age. Instead, positive and neutral statements such as, "It's time to brush your teeth for bed" can be very effective when combined with the absolute certainty that there is no other choice".

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Awesome new book with awesome information!

Everyday, during Alice's nap, I will write a quote that was meaningful to me from You Are Your Child's First Teacher.


eliina said...

I like this one! Our 14 month old daughter currently loves to say "yah", so we ask her a lot of yes or no questions just to hear this cute response. I'm sure the days of "no" are coming soon, and I'll keep this in mind.

Jennifer said...

Does Alice have a hemangioma? If so, how did I not know this?