Tuesday 28 August 2012

The (long) daily quote...

...from You Are Your Child's First Teacher (thank you Ella)

"Rational thinking does not develop until age 10 or 11, as observed in Piaget's studies. So it has long been documented that the ability to reason and to think logically is a gradually unfolding power that children grow into.

As adult we have forgotten what it was like to live in a nonlinear, nonsequential world. We expect to be able to reason with our children as soon as they are verbal. We reason with them about everything...

Young children do not yet think rationally, and reason has little impact on changing their behavior."

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Awesome new book with awesome information!

Everyday, during Alice's nap, I will write a quote that was meaningful to me from You Are Your Child's First Teacher

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megan said...

i have been reading and enjoying this book as well. happy reading and learning!