Sunday 23 September 2012

A toddler backpack for my cat lady

I like the idea that Alice always drinks from a glass (she never had a bottle and hardly used a sippy cup but always enjoyed a straw cup) and eats with cutlery (hello adorable mini fork) but her technique still needs a bit of works...especially when she is tired!

Therefore, when I pick her up at daycare, depending of what delicious food was on the menu that day, she might be dressed with her second set of clothes. 

Making a little toddler backpack for Alice made a lot of sense for 3 reasons: 
1) It is big enough for her second set of clothes (and her wool slippers)
2) Imitating her backpack addicted parents is a lot of fun
3) I think that my sewing mojo is back!

Thanks to a great tutorial from indietutes, my little cat lady (love the Japanese kitty cat ribbon) has her own backpack. 

note: It only took 2 naps (or about 6 hours...yeah, I'm slow) to make despite the fact that my sewing machine was on the floor (I need a sewing table) and that I don't really know how to use my serger anymore! 


abby said...

This is the cutest little pack I have ever seen. So great you got your sewing mojo back!

Vivian said...

CLaudia, I would buy one of these from you if you made it in a boy's version. You are amazing!!

Jennifer said...

Oh it's lovely Clo! Ive been thinking about making a pack for Gaius, but my sewing mojo has been non-existent.