Saturday 15 September 2012

Dear Alice...


Dear Alice,

When you were a little bean sprout, your grandmother came home with a velveteen pink bear. Between you and me, until recently, I never really enjoyed the fuzzy creature for practical reasons.

The design is fine, a classic, and I must admit that it is very soft. However, it was not made to belong in the very dirty hands of a little explorer. Mr. Pink Bear was made to sit quietly on a shelf but you didn't care about that when you picked him to become your dearest friend.

So we washed the bear, and I stitched it back by hand...and we washed the bear again, and I stitched it again by hand!

As I took those pictures of you and your dearest friend, I realized that Mr. Pink Bear is more than a simple stuffed animal of doubtful quality. It is the comfort object that made your adaptation to daycare a peaceful transition.

I don't know how long your relationship with Mr. Pink Bear will last but until that day, I promise to take care of your dearest friend with great love...and with as much hand stitching as necessary!  



I was in complete awe when, after observing your father clean the dog's ears with cotton swabs, you immediately went to Mr. Pink Bear to do the same.

Toddlerhood is awesome!   


Ele said...

Alice is such a cutie! I love the idea of a child having a bestest cuddly friend.

Although I don't have any little ones, one by one my friends are starting families. The thought that a cuddly toy that I give them might become this friend to them is so special.

I have several toys that I know were given to me by friends of my parents when I was tiny and that makes them more special. Bisous

abby said...

My sister had a stuffed bear friend when she was a baby and then a toddler and then a little girl... Well she is an adult now, and she STILL has Breezly - missing eye, squished nose and all. The bond she had with that bear was amazing. So glad for you all that Alice is doing well with the transition to day care. I hope you're enjoying your new job xo

oneeyedrabbit said...

It is, isn't it? Loving it too with my second little one.