Monday 8 October 2012

Our weekend trip to Brooklyn

We are back from our little weekend to Brooklyn!

Traveling with an 18 month old kiddo implies a few adjustments but, for us, it was not a problem...we are boring people who don't care at all about New York's exciting night life.

However, I planned this weekend knowing that Alice is a not a "potato bag" in our baby carrier (or in our cheapo umbrella stroller from Wallmart). This trip was meant to be fun for everybody and this is why we did activities that were (most of the time) as enjoyable for her as it was for us, the boring adults.



Scratch Bread Brooklyn

Van Horne Sandwich Shop 

One Girl Cookies

Four and Twenty Blackbirds (best pie EVER)

Saraghina (best pizza EVER)


Acorn Brooklyn is the m-o-s-t adorable toy store ever.


Free People clothing boutique (I could not resist!)

PowerHouse Arena bookstore

Peeled Snacks Brooklyn (Alice greatly enjoyed the dried mango)


The New York Transit Museum is a MUST! It is extremely toddler friendly and the exhibit itself is very interesting for everybody, young and young at heart. It was by far Alice's favorite activity!


Jane's Carousel, in Brooklyn Bridge Park, is a beautifully restored historic Carousel made in 1922.


Pier 6, also in Brooklyn Bridge Park, is the coolest playground in Brooklyn. Alice had a blast in the "sandbox village" and the "swing valley".


 A surface printing workshop with Lotta Jansdotter...but without the bébé!



We rented a home in a neighborhood called Bed-Stuy. Some of you might know the area as a "no tourist zone" and you might be right. It is not for everybody (not my mom for example!). It still has a "tough streets immortalized in hip-hop songs" vibe but the hispter invasion changed things over the past 5 years. During the day, we met SO many lovely people (the "good morning" and the "God bless you" were coming from everywhere!) but I would not AT ALL walk there alone at night!

Staying in Bed-Stuy was truly eye opening for me. For the first time in my life, I was the only white woman on a busy American commercial street. To be honest, it was pretty surreal and I'm still analyzing the my "rich white girl" perceptions influenced my impressions of Bed-Stuy. 

Anyway, the architecture is beautiful, it is very quiet, there are some delicious restaurants and everybody smiled at the sight of Alice waving "hello"!

See you next year Brooklyn!  

Oh, totally random information but Alice "socialized" with Maggie Gyllenhaal's baby on the plane...plane that was stuck on the landing strip for one long hour because of bad weather in New York!   


Rachael said...

This is a kickass weekend trip! Despite planning around a toddler, you did a lot. I'd like to plan something like this in November...the indoor spots are such a resource when it's cold.

lili said...

ça donne carrément envie... tout ! Merci pour ce voyage virtuel.

emily -- a denver home companion said...

what a great getaway! when i went to chicago with ramona and i realized quickly i just had to go go go! and then when she was tired, she fell asleep on my back and i could do what i wanted. a different way to travel, for sure, but well worth it.