Wednesday 6 February 2013

Currently fascinated with wooden curvy boards

"In a world where computers know all the facts, it is the imagination, innovation, and creativity of the human mind that has value. It is said that rocking helps develop a child’s sense of balance and for the brain to sort sensory impressions.

The value in any toy is not what the toy can do, but what the child can do with it. Curvy boards are teeter totters, balance beams, slides, and... anything else your child can dream up. This unlimited range of possibilities is what makes open ended toy an ideal learning toy for 21st century learning skills." : Open Ended Creations

However, at $120 plus shipping, is a curvy board a logical choice (Alice's birthday present) or pure consumerism madness?   

...but crazy mama here thinks it is an awesome toy!!!

(And you can see a video review from Mama Natural that is pretty convincing!)

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kimu: You are totally right! Love your attitude :)

julia: Thank you Julia!!! xox


Ruby Hoppen said...

I've seen these around, they do look awesome!

Di said...

As a child (well it's actually still in my parents house) my parents had a small tub chair that sat in my bedroom - it has a curved back and when you laid it down on it's back we had great fun rocking on is one of my abiding memories of childhood! So no I don't think it is a waste = it's an imagination stimulator! What more could you want for your child.....them sailing away on their own little boat... riding a magic carpet.... rocking their dollies to sleep.....

Hena Tayeb said...

that looks cool. how old is Alice?

jamie said...

oh man i miss you! henry had these at our mommy and me waldorf school and didn't get much of a kick out of them. (and he is VERY physical) BUT he was a bit younger.... curious if you went for it!