Sunday 3 February 2013

Presenting Alexandra

Sitting on my sofa with, as the doctor told me after 4 days of fever, a throat covered with puss (!!!)...I would love to present you Alexandra my DIY baby Waldorf doll.

I named her Alexandra in honor of my friend whose children are attending a Waldorf school. She came to my place last week and helped me create this simple baby doll for Alice. It was a bitch to make the face but everything else was pretty easy-breezy.

Soon I will make a "real" Waldorf doll with fancy yarn hair and a few adorable removable outfits. So exciting!

But now, it is time to start my snail mail project :) 

Oh, yes, it is also my birthday! 

*  *  *  *  *

di: Well, all the food is prepared in a "commercial" kitchen. During the week, the local and the equipment are used by future cooks. We wash our hands all the freaking time and we need to wear a bandana on our head. We buy all the food a few days before the event and make sure that everything stays fresh. Plus, we are all parents so we know a thing or two about cooking. The fact that we are a small group also help. It is a lot of fun!

emmy lou: Thank you so much for all this information. It is sssooo interesting to know how other people are living. And yes, you could totally organize an activity like that! 

bess callard: Sorry, you need to be from Hochelag...well, I could ask if you are really interested. Let me know! 

dear olive: Ah, thank you! Are you a dog parent?


Di said...

Alexandra is adorable - I love the yellow and orange outfit. Looks like she will be easy to love.

Thank you for the info on the community kitchen - it just sounds like such a good idea.

mjb said...

Happy birthday! This is such a sweet doll. I always find stitching faces to be the most intimidating part of making a softie.

Lina said...

Wow she is adorable! Happy birth day!! I was wondering of the snail project, good to know it's still on! Take good care of your self!