Sunday 10 March 2013

Alice's favorite book at 23 month


Dear Alice,

As usual, you taught me something!

We live in a society that treat toddlers like "forever babies"! I'm not saying that we should treat them like adults (because they are not) but we could have a bit more faith in their abilities.

The need to overprotect them (and ourself) made us dependent of the kiddie plastic plates/cups/cutlery, the books with pointless little stories, the inability to let them walk, the systematic "kid food" served at meal time, the toys that leave not much to the imagination.

Sorry but toddlers are fucking smart and it took me a few tantrums from you to figure it out!

With proper education (see note), a toddler would much prefer using real plates/cups/cutlery, turning the pages of books with beautiful images and words, walking without holding hands at all time, tasting delicious food and playing with toys that spark their imagination.  

I'm not saying that it is easy. It is actually a very difficult process and we are slowly making the transition. However, when I look at you walk home from daycare (yes, we take 45 minutes to walk 3/4 mile almost every week day), gently flip the pages of your favorite book or try the same food as we grown ups eat...I know that we are doing what is right for us.

Of course, there will be some (a lot) of accidents...days when we will pick up broken glasses and food from the floor, days when you will simply refuse to walk because you really wanted to look at that stupid feral cat lick its genitalia for 15 minutes (!!!), days with destroyed pages in cherished books.

Letting you become an independent person is, for me, much more stressful and demanding but I know that you will guide me...with gentle signs or theatrical tantrums. 

To you and all the toddlers in this are fucking smart!

Love you SO much.
Maman xox

* * * * *

Alice is a cat lady and I'm obsessed with children books with gorgeous illustrations (especially if the book comes from France). Plume is OUR favorite book. 

* * * * *

note: Education is defined in any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. Education is helping someone learn how to think not how to do something.


kt said...

What a fabulous book! The girl has taste, plain and simple.

You might enjoy a grownup version, too-look for a book called Feathers by Thor Hanson--AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I love good illustrations in children's books too. Check out books by Ezra Jack Keats, Shirley Hughes, and Patricia Polacco. I have more recommendations, but those are faves off the top of my head!

Thanks for the head's up about "Plume" it looks perfect for my 4 year old niece who is learning French in BC. Great gift idea!