Saturday 2 March 2013

The slowest snail

February went like a blur and I now realized that my snail(mail project) bite off more than he could chew!!! I'm still planning to send my little packages but it will take more time.

I have so many things to blog about (I finished my doula training, my uterus had some strange IUD adventures, I'm slowly looking for a new job) but time is not on my side at the moment.

However, life is still pretty good!


kt said...

Congrats on the doula training! I think you'll be great. You are level-headed and a great mama. Sorry to hear of the IUD adventures--sounds very not pleasant.

Miss Thang is looking awfully cute wrapped in that stripy quilt!

Happy March!

Vivian Doan Photography said...

Claudia, you will make an amazing doula. watch out for IUD adventures. My mom had an IUD adventure that led to my brother coming into this world.

Gina said...

Alice is such a doll! I have really enjoyed following your blog since you were pregnant and I was hoping to be soon! We have our little doll now, 6 months old!
Check out my new Etsy shop...

Lots of cute vintage and occasionally baby/chldren gear!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of so many IUD mishaps, I hope you are well and healthy.

I so wish we could keep you at Nourri-Source!!!!

I'm a freshly trained doula too, would love to commiserate the 'newbie'ness of it all with you. I've been to a few births already and two more lined up this summer, but all were/are friends and home births, only one 'real' hospital doula experience so far. These experiences are so enriching, and such a treat. You will love it, and you will be terrific.