Wednesday 8 May 2013

Soon, I will be a "real" doula!

Dear Alice,

Your mom is freaking excited! 

My very first client will soon be in labor as her due date is May 18th. I have a mini "heart attack" every time my cell phone rings!

I completed my training a few months ago and I immediately started to give prenatal classes to two lovely couples. I had a real blast creating all my documents and, to be honest, I think that I'm doing a great job transmitting my passion and knowledge regarding childbirth, breastfeeding, post-natal care, etc. That being said, I realized that active listening will be my best friend and that it is very wise to carefully select what to say because there is such a thing as over communicating.    

Of course, sharing theoretical information is fun but what I love the most is to empower future parents by slowly making them realized that they naturally have the abilities to embark on this amazing adventure. The little knowing glances between them as they get more confident is such a rewarding gift.

At the end of each prenatal meeting, I always thank them to include me and trust me, a perfect stranger when you think about it, during that very intimate moment...a moment when women (and men) are vulnerable yet extremely powerful.

Alice, you are not a baby anymore but you are still my little girl so please forgive me if one morning you wake up in the family bed and the "boobies" are absent. I know that you won't appreciate this situation (and that your father is scared shitless of this very precise moment) but I wanted you to know that your mom is having (well, I hope) a wonderful time and that you will have all the "lait de maman" that you want when I get back home...probably extremely tired but totally amazed by the miracle of childbirth.

Je t'aime
Maman xoxo


note: picture and business card from the lovely Bess!


Lola said...

you'll do great. It's so much fun and you seem like you'll be a perfect doula. I always cry when I get home from a birth. It's pretty awesome.

jammy said...

did you make that tent? if so can you post instructions :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! All you need to remember is to keep the energy of the room calm and respectful, breathing along with the mother and helping her keep a slow rhythm is better that talking a lot, and be careful not to bear down when she's pushing or you'll eventually wreak havoc with your own pelvic floor (all experienced doulas and midwives had to learn this too!) Read the article 'How dilated am I - external ways of assessing internal dilation' on my blog for a boost of information. And many blessings, may your first birth be an inspiring one! x

Bess Callard said...

I'm so excited for you!!! This is such a wonderful next step, I can't wait to hear all the details :) GOOD LUCK!! xx

Anonymous said...

No doubt you will be a thoughtful, warm, loving doula. - Rowan

kt said...

How wonderful! What a great use of your spirit and passion! Looking forward to hearing all about whatever you can share.

abby said...

Very exciting, Claudia! My sister is due on May 19 and I will be her "doula" (again!) :) I have been preparing in many little ways, from sewing newborn caps to packing a bag, and being more and more near the phone. It is an amazing time, that is for sure, and indeed very touching to be trusted for such an intimate event.