Monday 2 September 2013

a weekend at Maison Jean Longpré

Last week, we rented a dream house not too far from Montreal (Eastern Townships). We only stayed two nights but we had an amazing time...BBQ, naps in the hammocks, toddler fun (in good company), a few magazines, interesting conversations until late at night (well, for me anyway!), little nature walks...and a chance to try our new car!

To be honest, Dan and I were pretty sad when we left. Going back to the city is always sssooo depressing but now that we have an economical little car, it will be a charm to have access to the country side. So many apple picking.


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peanut said...

What a lovely little vacation. I hope Dan is better at "catch the baby" than either my father or my husband's father were (we have a no tossing the baby rule in our house). It's wonderful to be able to get away for short little trips; there's so much more freedom in it.