Friday 4 October 2013



Dear Alice,

Your parents are strange birds!

We didn't know that having a kid would change so much the way that we see life. We never knew that I would still breastfeed you after 2.5 year and that we would still co-sleep (part time!) in our queen-size bed. You should know that those things can be considered pretty intense in our part of the world but it works well for us.

However, I think that we hit the weirdo jackpot when we made the decision that I would be staying at home with you and not going back to "normal work" when my current contract will end in December.

Strangely enough, I always liked the idea but it sounded so absurd...especially knowing my previous career as an event planner (hello insane overtime!). But things changed thanks to a book called Living Simply with Children: A Voluntary Simplicity Guide for Moms, Dads, and Kids Who Want to Reclaim the Bliss of Childhood and the Joy of Parenting.

So after a bit of insomnia, many discussions with your dad (who was quickly on board!) and a few lifestyle adjustments, we made a realistic plan:

I won't go back to "office work" in 2014
Twice a week you will go to daycare (lovely family daycare at 7$ a day)
I will officially start my doula practice and take max. 2 clients each month

And we will see how it goes!

Can't wait :)
Je t'aime fort fort fort
maman xox


claire said...

yay for you guys! i've just had a friend come back to full time work after her year of mat leave. i can see how hard it is for her, and how unfair it is that in some (many?) cases, there is no choice.

emily -- a denver home companion said...

oh, enjoy this sweet sweet time. it sounds like you have it all figured out. good luck with it all!