Saturday 22 December 2007

I got my hat (and my love) to keep me warm

Since all the Christmas gifts are wrapped, leaving me with not much to do, I decided to tackle a little last minute sewing project: a hat! I first saw the hat pattern on the Martha Stewart web page but since it was designed for kids I did not give it much attention. However, when I came across that picture from Little birds I decided to give it a shot. In my creative vision (um...whatever!), I saw a tweed (not felted wool) hat, doubled with soft flannel and topped with a big Icelandic wool pompom. I like the final result and it will look very cute with my new winter coat.

One of the great thing about living in a small loft is that my husband is an integral part of my crafty projects ... like a “silent” business partner! His opinion (he suggested the double-braids on my hat), his words of encouragement and his tolerance (I'm a messy lady!) mean the world to me. While I cut, sew, glue or trim, he is quietly playing games on the computer but I know that if I need him he is always there for me. The zombies, aliens, murderers, etc. will have to wait a little!!!

Note to husband: Thank you so much. I love you!


Ali said...

Your hat looks great! And thanks for finding me in my new digs (and updating your link!).
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Sarah said...

I LOVE your hat! je suis vachement jalouse !

Bridget said...

My Sweetie, too, will play computer games while I craft and my mess sneaks ever closer - I have a studio, and a sewing room, but projects still creep into the living room.

futuregirl said...

This hat is so adorable! Love your profile, too. :)