Sunday 30 December 2007

Puppy dog: 0, Stairs: 1

Last summer we adopted a baby cockapoo (cocker poodle mix) that we named Brian. It was love at first sight. He is the sweetest thing but he is not...well, how can I say it without being rude...he is not the sharpest knife in the cupboard! I don't want to say that he is stupid. He is actually quite clever but he is very clumsy. To illustrate my point: last fall at the dog park, Brian was so happy playing with other dogs that he did not see the picnic table, ran face first into it and his nose started to bleed!

I live in a little loft with a bedroom mezzanine. Brian will only go upstairs if we ask him to come (good dog!). This is this morning's scenario:

Husband: Brian, here boy.
Me: Come on Brian, come see mommy.
Me: Um, what is that noise?
Husband: Oh no, Brian fell in the stairs!
Husband: Brian is limping.
Me: Oh my God, I'm freaking out! I'm calling the vet.
Husband: Honey relax! It is nothing.
Me: What?New Year holidays??? No vet? My baby is hurt!
(freaking out!!!)

Where I'm going with that story is that I fear that the day we will have a kid (in about 2-3 years), I will be the kind of overprotecting mother who is borderline paranoiac. Brian only has a sore paw and it was the end of the world. What will happen when my kid will fall off his bike. Will I go to the ER and wait 8 hours for a little scratch? Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes to be a good mom! Well, only the future will tell.

On a crafty note, this is my new patchwork scarf inspired by Little Red Caboose's Little Scarf. I really like her Matryoshka dolls and if I'm fast enough with my credit card, maybe one day, I will get my hands on one of her beautiful creations.


Anonymous said...

haha. i was the same way with my cat as you are with your dog. Parenting kids is so different in many ways, namely our children eventually learn to communicate more clearly and are able to tell us when and how things aren't right.
Lovely little scarf you made there. i love the colors and the red on black dolls is one i do not have but i like it alot. sweet of you to link me.(heads up dolls in the shop in about a week).

Amazon said...

I really really want that scarf! Well to at least make one like it.

And as far as having children, at first you are very very over the top concerned and careful. The more you get used to the bumps and bruises, the calmer you'll become. Ex. Child falls, mom " are you okay", child is up and running before you finish your sentence:)