Wednesday 12 March 2008

Out of the bag

Last weekend, I attempted to make a "simple backpack" from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing and, to my great disbelief, I miserably failed! Feeling like a complete loser I had to succeed, as soon as possible, another sewing project in order to feel competent again! At 8:00pm, I hurried to my pile of craft books and decided to start (and finish) a little clutch from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules. Success! I didn’t need, afterall, to sell my sewing machine and all my supplies to another crafter wannabe!

On a different note, Mirka from Oprikka tagged me (my first tag...thank you Mirka!) with a 4 secrets-series. Here it goes:

4 jobs I've had:
Event planner (the current job)
Transport coordonator at a film festival (the crazy job)
Sustainable development marketing coordonator (the best job)
Food service cashier at Dairy Queen (the first job)

4 movies I like:
Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain / Amélie (made me dream)
The shipping news (made me think)
Les Choristes / Chorists (made me sing)
Ratatouille (made me love rats)

4 places I´ve been (with my husband):
New York (our first trip)
Paris (our first trip to Europe)
Sweden (our best trip)
Iceland (our next trip…in june)

4 places I've lived:
Très-St-Rédempteur (little french village in Quebec)
Montreal (big french city in Quebec)

4 TV programmes I watch:
Gilmore girls (I miss that show)
Pushing Daisies (I’m the only one who likes that show)
Access Hollywood (I’m ashamed of watching that show)
Dog whisperer (I should be, with my dog, on that show)

4 radio programmes:
Nope…no radio!

4 preferred food items:
Pancakes (everyday if it was possible!)
Chesse (everyday if I had the money…$$$ in Canada)
Milk (everyday unless I have stomach flu)
Vegetable soup (everyday if I was still living with my mom)

4 placed I'd rather be:
Walking on the pebble beach in Visby (Sweden)
Eating macarons in Jardin du Luxembourg (Paris)
Watching icebergs from a tiny little boat (Labrador - Canada)
Swimming in a thermal pool (Iceland)

Now I have a dilema! Who should I tag? I was very happy to get tagged by Mirka. However, some ladies from my lovely blog list might already have answered those questions! So I have decided to tag bloggers like me...who started in the "business" a few months ago. I tag the ladies at Girl with Curlz, Little Acorn, SmoothPebble and Pondering Ponteuf.


Lina said...

Very cool artsy clutch,great minds think alike! I have the Lotta book also and if it's any consolation I find her instructions are not always straightforward - I'm not sure how many bags you've made, but I'd recommend mastering a simple tote before this one.

Anonymous said...

Great little bag Claud, I love the cute button.

Señorita Puri said...

Beautiful bag! the fabric is so delicate so... swedish style, you know? congrats!

Sandy said...

Your clutch is great! And I love hearing those little things about people. I'd eat cheese everyday if I could too!

Anonymous said...


Love the bag! I can't believe you even attempted a backpack - so I give you kudos for even trying :)!
I love this tag...I was waiting for someone to tag me with it, but maybe I'll just have to keep waiting.

Mirka said...

There was something wrong with the internet connection and my first try did not come through, so here´s another try.
Your clutch looks very good,so there is no need to "throw away" your sewing machine. : )
Mmmm...I´d love to eat pancakes every day too, but luckily that is not possible. But it is so nice to read about these little things other people are telling, thanks Claudia!

Catalyst Of Calamity said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get right on that. I'm so with you on the cheese thing. If only it wasn't so expensive here I would eat it every day!

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric you used for the clutch! :)

Anonymous said...

Really like your fabric choices for the clutch, and it turned out so well, But where is the picture of the unsuccesful project :0? Thanks for the tag too! It's nice to learn a little more about you. I have Pushing Up Daisies in my netflix queue and I would eat pancakes everyday too!

Unknown said...

hey there,don't worry about the bag,those directions sent me into a tail spin.I love the way the clutch turned out.
I will play along with the tagging but right now I have the flu.bad!I feel awful.I just wanted to stop by and say hi:0)

Anonymous said...

What a cute clutch! I made that one too a few months ago. Sorry to hear about your backpack. Keep your chin up! It will get better!

heather said...

the things you make are so great. My husband and I are thinking of going to Iceland for our one year anniversary (technically the honeymoon we never took) I would love to talk to you about your trip when you go.......thanks!

Rumour has it said...

Hi Claudia, I wanted to visit you yesterday, but I forgot. So I say it now: happy Eastertime! Our little boy (17 months) has been ill these last day and that's quite tiring. That's why I forget things... my brains aren't following at the moment, too tired.
Anyway, I did read this tagged-thing and I have to say that your humour is refreshing; laughing seems to be good for my health! :D
Well, I'll be back, but now I go to bed; in Belgium it's now 0:58 in the night. Love, Marjolijn