Wednesday 23 April 2008

Presenting the 1st zipper

After months of agony, I finally put away my winter coat and I now welcome spring in all its glory...seasonal allergies included! I don't know if I'm the only one but I feel an urge to be outside in an attempt to get rid of my cadaver tan! As much as I love crafting, I started to feel guilty if I spend more than an hour at my sewing machine. My solution is to keep the "long term" projects for rainy days (we have quite a lot of those in Canada) and work on short & sweet projects when the sun is shinning and birds are singing. The other day, because a girl never has enough storage, I made a little boxy pouch from Tree Bears. There was just one small challenge: the zipper. For your information I don't have a zipper foot, I don't know what it looks like and even if I had one I don't know how to install it! So, with great joy, I present to the world my very first zipper! A piece of cake...or an entire cupcake!

In other news, Marjolijn from Something White gave me a while ago a "I've got a friend in you!" award. Thank you again! Blogging made me realise that friendship can, without hesitation, be developped in front of a computer screen! I would love to give that meaningful award to Erin (Girl with Curlz), Mirka (Oprikka), Ingrid (Words starting with "P" are cute), Camilla (Made by Milla), Diane (Woollie Wanderings) and Stephanie (Craft Lolly).


Jo-Anne said...

If you can sew a zipper then a button hole will be EASY! You are already a pro and don't even know it!
Great it!
Happy sewing. :):):)

Mymsie said...

Great job on the pouch - cute fabric!

Anonymous said...

Cute fabric! I haven't attempted a zipper yet. Just call me a chicken!

Ayama-chan said...

great first zipper! congratulations. if you are looking for zipper tutorials for clothing head to sewmamasew as they have some REALLY good ones. can't wait to see what you make for the functional felt swap.

Di said...

Thank you! You are too kind! Your cute little bird arrived safely at it's new home yesterday! My little parcel to you will be on it's way tomorrow!

I love the pouch - the fabric is great and I am glad that the zipper was easy - I always thought that they would be difficult - they sound difficult!

If you want to sew lots then you should come to Scotland this weekend - the weather forecast it awful!!

ingrid said...

Aw, merci! What's even better is that we will soon be friends in "real life," without the computer screen! Yay!

I've been meaning to make one of those boxy pouches for a while. Yours turned out really well! The last time I sewed a zipper was probably 1995 (I made myself a fuzzy round purse and although it was butt-ugly, I wore it for years!), so I definitely need some practice.

Michelle said...

Hahaha I love the "cadaver tan"! I have one too, but hasn't the weather just been perfect lately?

Kup,Kup Land said...

Thanks Claudia for visiting me!!
Love your pouch! As for my photos,
they will be available on my Etsy in
a few weeks.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments!


Unknown said...

Congratulations on the award! Blogging is a wonderful way to make friends. I am delighted to find your blog today via Rose hip. This squirrel fabric you have used is cute as can be!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've won an award! Thanks Clo! I appreciate it and will try to post it on my blog!

I love the boxy pouch! I am in awe of your know what a chicken I am. I just need to grow a little backbone, huh! :)
Thanks again for the "Friend" award - you're the best!

Sandy said...

Love the pouch! Great job.
Everything you make looks so well done.

Veronica Darling... said...

Oh well done! It's gorgeous! Thanks so much for your comments Claudia! I love seeing that you're checking in on me! I'm going to spend a big day tomorrow at the machine, I've got some little shorts I wanna make!

Have a great weekend!


Mirka said...

Thanks so much Clo for this award! I am so happy to receive it and, just as you say, it is really amazing how friendship can exist also in front of a computer screen! : )
Oh, you should see my skin, that is some cadaver tan, too! hahaa... and with the nice spring weather I´ve already enjoyed the countless pricks & itchings of mosquitoes.
Your pouch looks great! And the zipper - no more worries about them, Clo! You have sewn it very neatly, so just go for the next one!!

Bridget said...

Congratulations on the zipper! Even with a zipper foot, they're a challenge . . . and the little bag looks great! And I totally get the "sunshine guilt". On those few sunny days in early spring, I feel like I have to get out there! Even though I'm allergic, too.