Wednesday 20 January 2010

Canadian design, eh!

I still don't know if I should ignore or embrace the fact that I will turn 30 in two weeks. I didn't think that I would be the kind of person who would get anxious over a number but sadly it is the case. I keep thinking about this silly mental checklist of things that I should have done by 30. Unless I start a "grown up" job, get pregnant and give birth by February 3rd, I won't be able to complete my checklist! At least, as a well-known French Canadian singer said, c'est à 30 ans que les femmes sont belles (it is a 30 that women are pretty)!!!

Getting old is a bitter pill to swallow but it might just be easier with some lovely birthday presents! From my wish list, I selected a few items from 4 amazing Canadian designers.

Alba alam clock (
dark mahogany) from Furni

Elk pillow from lines by : davis

4 leaves gold Karen headband from Quirky Beauty

Jina Espresso wool coat from Soia & Kyo


Juli said...

The 30s are way better than the 20s! I think the worst thing about it is that you finally know how to appreciate life fully, which makes it that much more precious and unfortunately, that much more tangible and time begins to fly. Oh and checklists are made to be broken!
Happy early birthday!

Ulla V. said...

I recognize your thoughts about turning 30. It's strange how these round numbers bring something special up in many of us.

But I think that my worries were not needed. I love the 30ties (eventhough I actually found it hard to turn 35 - don't ask me why!)
Everything seems easier and I often think to myself that they problems I found hard in the 20ties, are silly and easy in the 30ties. :))

And the fact that you don't look a day older than 25, must be great. :))

Jessica said...

that headband is so pretty... i hope you get it and have a wonderful birthday, don't worry about the number!

nicole said...

I will be 40 in 3 weeks, eeeek!!!

Enjoy your 30s. I think they're great. A big improvement on the 20s in my case.