Saturday 23 October 2010

week 15-16-17...time flies!

Here we are, week 17 already! Time really flies when your life is not controlled by morning-afternoon-evening sickness! It is true that things get better when you hit the second trimester. I started to eat normally (well, normally for somebody who eat 6 meals a day!!!), I go to bed at almost normal hour and I don't feel like I have a permanent hangover. Taking about hangover, I can't wait for The Hangover 2 (the film). Anyway.

Where I live (Montreal), you have to put your kid on a waiting list for day care very early in the process. So yes, at 4 months pregnant, I put our baby's name on one of the be-patient-and-we-will call-you-when-it-is-your-turn lists. And yes, you do need a name for the just can't call it little dude or alien like creature that sucks my energy! So we sat down one evening, got the top 50 baby's name and automatically eliminated all those options. And since we are old school people, we went for old school names : Arthur for a boy and Alice for a girl.

Oh, and I called my mom to tell her the names of her future grand-child.
Mom: did you look at the meaning of the names?
Me: uh, no...fine, I will call you back.
5 minutes later
Me: really? REALLY? you didn't even looked at my name!!! the meaning of Claudia is "lame"!!!


luke and pamela said...

i am on week 16 and haven't been at all as stylish as you. i am totally looking for maternity stripey shirts this week. i love your names. :)

UK lass in US said...

That made me laugh

I found the list of names that my parents were considering for me - let's just say it was a big relief that they settled on Dawn...

Anne said...

I like the names you have chosen a lot (and also your outfits). But I guess you have a right to change your mind until birth, I can't imagine them not accepting the child for that reason!

Molly said...

The meaning of my name is bitter. :)

Bess Callard said...

I love your photos! You look so pretty and pregnant :) It sounds like things are going well.
xx bess

Pauper said...

Claudia, thank-you ever so much for your sweet comments and compliments on my creations--you are so sweet and kind!!

Love these gorgeous pregnancy photos you've shared. You are too cute and have the loveliest little baby belly!

I hope you are doing well and am so glad to here that you are able to enjoy your pregnancy now--I know what a big relief that is!

Best wishes.xo

PS> I adore the photo of you holding the headphones to your belly--that brought back lovely memories for me :)

Pauper said...

Oh! and I love the names you've chosen for your little one :)

The Franglaise said...

quel beau ventre! You are showing so much already. So nice to see such a pretty bump. xx

Jennifer said...

Alice was our go to choice if we were having a girl... Alice Theodosia. BUT turns out we're having a boy. It took us forever to decide on a boy name with both could live with -- it's kind of a big deal, right? lol

We're going with Gaius [Guy-Us] and a yet undecided middle name -- probably something a little more traditional just in case he hates us and decides to go by something else as an adult.

futuregirl said...

I love both of them (although, for obvious reasons, I like Alice better)! xoxo, Alice