Monday 27 December 2010

Ignorant Claudia - weekly question (week 25)

"There is a cow in the barn"! This is what I told myself when I arrived at Dan's parents (they live on a farm with goats, donkeys, bunnies, etc.). I'm not here to whine about my weight. Actually, for the first time in my life, I'm not underweight (fast metabolism) and people are in awe when they look at my perfect basketball pregnant belly!

So at 25 weeks, I added a "little" 27lb to my skinny frame! Not surprised at all. The doctor told me that I should gain about 40lb during my entire pregnancy.

Now that I said that, ignorant Claudia wants to know, is it normal that I wake up at night to eat? I'm the "reincarnation" of the Canadian food guide (plus the extra portions when you are pregnant) so I know that I eat very well.

At first, a little glass of milk was enough for me to go back to bed and fall asleep without any problem. However, last night, I had a chocolate-banana muffin (made by my mom), a bowl of organic apple sauce and a big glass of 2am!!! So, in how many weeks will I cook an elaborate meal before sunrise?


Su said...

I love your barn photos! Especially the geese breath. I'd love to live on a farm.

alyson said...

hunger is the reason I can no longer sleep in on the weekends. even today, when I stayed up till midnight last night, or later, I was still up when the sun came up, digging in the fridge for something to eat for breakfast!

happy new year Claudia!

Nancy Isabelle Labrie said...

Well, as far as I am concerned, being ungry at this time of your pregnancy is totally normal! In fact, the 3 times I was pregnant, I didn't pay attention to those details... I was hungry, I ate! And everytime I gained 30 lbs... even if each time I thought I look sooo different! I felt different too! One of those mysteries! If you feel okay with eating, then eat! :)

Pauper said...

I think this is totally normal! I remember doing this too, and was even a little annoyed at it as all I wanted to do was sleep! I ended up gaining a whopping 60 lbs and I started out pretty small, though (thankfully) I lost it all within a few weeks after birth and much of it was apparently water weight--my feet were so swollen when we eventually had to opt for going to the hospital that I couldn't even fit in my shoes!

Bess Callard said...

Such pretty barn photos! I have no idea when the midnight meal will become part of your routine, but being pregnant sure sounds fun ;)
xo bess

Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

in my state of utter hormones...your geese with their sweet little warm breaths picture is almost putting me into tears. what do you think they could possibly be talking about?! so sweet.