Monday 21 March 2011

Bigfoot likes hand printed toys

I'm a bigfoot! Not the hairy creature also known as sasquatch but the pregnant woman with an enormous left foot. I know, I should not complain, it is just one body part. And, on the bright side, looking at (or forcing Dan to look at) my new freaky foot is fairly entertaining.

This morning, while my foot rested on a pile of pillows, I discovered a few lovely hand printed toys (or small cushions) that would fit perfectly in a nursery...or in a grownup living room.

Scandinavian cat by Jane Foster Designs
Red fox by Sass & Peril
Sleepy dog by Robin & Mould


roberta jane said...

i love the cats! thinking they may be too girly for a boy though... which I have found to be true about so much cute baby stuff out there!

sorry to hear about your foot... is there a way to prevent those things?

Jennifer said...

Swollen feet were my biggest complaint at the end of my pregnancy (and I made sure to complain often). I used to like to make my husband push his fingers into the top of my feet just to illustrate how swollen they really were.

I even had to go out and buy two pairs of flats in a size bigger than I normally wear, just for the last two months.

I didn't know it was possible, but I was actually MORE swollen for the week after giving birth... all those damn fluids they pump into you during labor. I went home at the same weight I went in at... even though I know for damn sure I pushed out 7+ pounds of baby lol.