Tuesday 21 June 2011

It's a book

It is not because I have a blog that I'm into technology. As a matter of fact, I have the gift of systematically ruining any computer/camera/printer/fax/scanner/cell phone/GPS/MP3 player/video game console that crosses my path. Consequently, I developed a certain aversion for technology.

For example, during Father's Day lunch, I asked my dad a question that he could not answer. He immediately took his smart phone, between two bites of chicken fajitas, opened Google and started typing. This is when I shouted "no cell phones allowed during Father's Day lunch"!!!

I'm not saying that I want to move to a remote shack without electricity and communicate with pigeon post. I'm just saying that, to my opinion (and of course, you may have a different opinion) technology should be use in moderation.

So imagine how delighted I was when I discovered It's a Book by Lane Smith. The story, whose main characters are a book loving monkey and a techie donkey, has a great message: you should focus more on books and less on electronic gadgets (and that books are simply awesome)!

What a perfect addition to our little kid book collection! And if you are curious, the author also made an animation film based on the book.

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kim u: This is a great product (placemat). Thank you so much for the link.

all lit up: It is perfect since Dan and I were breakfast/brunch people anyway!

pennies for luck: Yeah, since we didn't know that Alice was a girl until the last echography, most of her clothes are with neutral colors. Generally, I enjoy the "cute boy" comments because it is funny.

taryn: I like that advice (just stick to my normal routines/activities and include the baby in them). We are also doing that but sometimes I get a bit nervous. Dan has to tell me to relax because my "freaking out energy" is not good for Alice!

la franglaise: I don't know why but I'm actually not surprised by your comment. Paris is wonderful but I can totally visualize the "ah, ben voilà l'invasion des poussettes!". Be strong :)

intwosometwiminds.com: Thank you for the info :) I still have to get better at holding the baby with one hand and using my fork with the other one, ah!

anonymous (tibi): I would love to be more like you but I just can't. I get the concept but, deep down, I would still feel horrible if Alice was crying at the restaurant. I'm such a chicken!

uk lass in us: We almost never go to fancy restaurants anyway (even before Alice)!

one claire day: When we go out, just like you, we make sure that everything is "perfect" to have a happy baby. Anyway, baby or not, I could not go on without Saturday breakfast at the restaurant ;)


Rebecca said...

oh MY. i love this! It's pretty crazy to think about the technology-filled world our babies will grow up in, isn't it?

oscarlucinda said...

Brilliant. I love the sound of it!

I've been collecting children's books for a number of years now and can't wait for the moment when my little on hands me a book to read him/her. My (latest) favourite is Press Here by Herve Tullet - have you seen it?

Interestingly the Wall Street Journal reveiw said it's 'a cross between a high-concept picture book and an iPhone, only more charming'...speaking of technology!

Anne said...

At work we just received the french version of this book: great idea and cute drawings.

Anne said...

I've made a list of children's books I particularly like, but I'm sure I've forgotten many: http://www.amazon.fr/registry/wishlist/3H3HISYUFEQET
(also, I made this list on Amazon but I'd rather support my local bookstore instead).

claire said...

yes! up with books and down with smartphones :)

JoeyNomad said...

I love the ergo carrier! I bought one as well, it looks SO comfy!