Wednesday 29 June 2011

Yoga baby - part 1

Ardha Navasane - Half Boat

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Bridge

Adho Mukha Svanadana - Downward Dog

Prasarita Padottanasana - Wide Legged Forward Bend (move baby from side to side)

Sukhasana - Easy pose

One of my favorite activities of the week is to go to post-natal yoga with Alice. Well, no, let me rephrase this. My favorite activity of the week is the part of post-natal yoga that involves Alice (about half of the 75 minutes class). Honestly, during the other part of the class, I'm always a bit annoyed at my new lack of flexibility and strength...but this is another story!

Alice and I started post-natal yoga about six weeks after I gave birth. It is not the most efficient class considering that on average I have to feed her once and change her diaper twice but the exercises that we learn are great. I do most of them at home and sometimes, drum roll please, my anti-yoga husband also does some of the exercises (proof in part 2 of this post)!

So, even if there are tons of baby yoga books/web sites available, I decided to channel the Jane Fonda in me and do a mini baby yoga presentation that you can try at home with your kido. Have fun :)

And if you love yoga and Babar (perfect combo!): Babar's Yoga for Elephant!

note: Of course, do the positions safely (for you and for baby) and don't push it!!!

* * * * *
kate / tinywarbler: You should totally make a few pair of pants. Instant gratification.

anonymous: This weekend, the "big girl bed" is moving to our bedroom. This is very exciting!!!

new duds: Pretty sure your cat does the same ;)

mjb: When we were shopping for baby monitors, I didn't get the reason why video baby monitors existed. Now I know but it is good that we didn't get one because I would always be looking at it during the night. I can be a bit intense!

oneeyedrabbit: Same value here: I'd rather comfort my child as fast as I can rather than have her wait and cry and cry.

vanessa - lynn david handbag co.: I don't think that separation anxiety is a bad thing as long it doesn't get out of control. And if our monitor is "full blast" the dog barks...not cool!

susanna n.:
Co-sleeping rocks :)

little gray pixel: What kind of strange noises? I'm just too curious!?!

joeynomad: I cursed in both English and French during an entire evening...I think that more "how to" illustrations could be pretty useful in that book!

checks and spots: Thank you! Denial is not that bad, right!?!

renae @ theredwren: Oh yes, Alice turned 3 months old yesterday! The crib is moving in our bedroom this weekend. I feel super happy about it!

daniela: I really like her books (I have 3 books from her) and all the projects are super cute. It took me forever to make the first bloomer but only 1.5 hour for the other one.

190.arch: Oh, thank you so much. You are so nice :)

sarah ahearn bellemare: This is so "funny" (well, not funny ah ah!!) that she was sleeping on a cheap pack n play thing when there was a fancy organic mattress available! This is the kind of thing that would happen here! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. xox

clairsy: Perfect! I will keep the gang together.

taryn: Thank you so much :)


Bess Callard said...

you guys are so cute! I love it - definitely bookmarking for future reference ;)

and... Yoga for Elephants - with BABAR!!! what a great find!

Giselle said...

the baby yoga look so cute - but I'd be scared I fall on my baby by accident!