Thursday 11 August 2011

See you next week

Our small family, minus the cat who stays at a friend's house, is going on vacations for a week. It will be Alice's first long car trip (5 hours + little "boobies time" breaks). We rented a cottage in the country (with an outdoor hot tub...oh yeah!!!) and are planning to just take it easy: crafts, BBQ, board games, good books, hammock, walks, get the picture.

I have many post ideas and little giveaways...but first things first: vacations!

See you next week and xox

* * * * *

~mama e: So true. Some people forget that having children requires sacrifices and it brings big responsibilities. Babies are not just cute little creatures. They have needs and it is our job, as parents, to take care of them. Thank you for all the book tips :)

clairsy: Blurb is so much fun. Creating the design is always pure joy for me! The quality is pretty good (well, I only ordered one book) and the price reasonable.


Anne said...

These holidays sound good! Enjoy!

The Franglaise said...

Hi Claudia, you've obviously already set off on your first family holiday but I just wanted to wish you 'bonnes vacances' anyway. Hope you are having a great time! Bisous

The Franglaise said...

ps: love Alice's beanie. L. has the same one in red and we use it all the time!

sara said...

have nice vacations! I CAN NOT believe how Alice changed since the last time I saw her! C'est fou! Quand tu seras de retour à Mtl, il faudra qu'on parle de ces livres de photos. Je connaissais une autre marque qui fait de telles choses donc je me demande quel site choisir... hum. À bientôt!

one claire day said...

Alice's outfit is super cute!! And Brian is such a male version of our Dottie! x