Wednesday 28 September 2011

A phenomenal capacity for learning

A delightful little video from Help Them Grow.

From their web site:

"During the first years of life, a child’s brain develops at an impressive rate. Thousands of neuron connections - the very source of language, emotions and learning - take place at specific times during this period. Far more than we can imagine.

But it’s important to note that there are certain moments when your interactions have the greatest impact. You must therefore concentrate on these windows of opportunity."


one claire day said...

What a fantastic tool. I'm definitely going to keep this in mind. It's amazing how much they absorb, they are far more clever than we give them credit for!

oscarlucinda said...

Loved the parents to parents site - thanks for the link. Your little blog is a treasure trove of helpful baby-related information :)

ps. The baby food workshop sounded like a fun way to amass a good stash of pureed cubes!

The Franglaise said...

This is a great little video and I have reposted it on my blog.

Babies are definetely more clever than we think. I remember the day I told Liam "go get the hungry catapillar book" and he went to his shelf and picked the right one. I was gobsmacked that he understood what I said. I did the test over and over again and each time he picked the right book. That's when I realised how much he was understanding and how much I thought he wasn't! (He was 9 or 10 months old at the time). Fascinating creatures these little babies are, aren't they!

Janet said...

I love this. It also made me cry, thinking about the babies who don't get all the attention we give to ours. I think about this a lot because my husband and I are both teachers. I'm a college professor now (taught high school for 6 years, though) but my husband teaches inner-city high school kids now and so many of them have such a tough time reading and writing well. It breaks my--and his--heart.

emily said...

i'm with janet: i think about how great it is that ramona gets so much love and attention from us and that we are in a position (intellectually, emotionally, and career-wise) to give her all of that. so that makes my heart break so much thinking of the children who do not get that, either from abusive/neglectful parenting or just ignorance about what babies need.

thanks for sharing this well-made video. makes me want to shut the computer and go sing to her!