Friday 16 September 2011

It is that simple - Part 3

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My mom is a retired elementary school teacher but because she is so dedicated (and because it is always nice to have extra cash) she took a few tutoring jobs. Her "clients" are in a wealthy area but I'm sure that this situation can happen anywhere. We all know some parents (or maybe it is your case) who can't financially afford hockey/ballet/music/painting/photography class for their kids but for the sake of giving them all the possible opportunities they charged it, without hesitation, to their credit cards...but this is another story!

In our academic system, it is common for a school to allow a kid with learning difficulties to graduate as long as he or she takes private summer tutoring class. A) Taking summer tutoring class sucks! B) Taking summer tutoring class right before swimming class sucks even more! C) Taking summer tutoring class right after tennis class and right before swimming class is the end of the world for a 10 year old kido. Even though my mom is an awesome teacher, she was really doubting the success of this tutoring class! After all, this was a case of "over-scheduled kid"!

Activities are good for kids but, according to Simplicity Parenting: "Too many scheduled activities will limit a child's ability to motivate and direct themselves". Most parents have good intentions but "I'm bored" time is crucial for kids to be creative...out of frustration!

While I was reading that part of the book, Dan told me about an article written by Scott Adams (Dilbert) regarding this societal problem. His text, on the benefits of boredom, claimed that our brain needs boredom so we can process thoughts. Good ideas generally don't come in moments of over stimulation (including endless moments on Facebook, Internet!).

So boredom is truly a gift. It will be difficult to do but when Alice will look at me and say :"But mom, I'm bored", I won't always rescue her. She will have activities like swimming or whatever but she will also have "doing nothing" times.

Anyway, if she is like us (especially her dad!), this should not be too difficult to accomplish ;)

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lola: OMG, twins!

lara kasabian: Ah, thank you.


jen said...

Thinking back this is so true! Some of my best childhood adventures came from being bored and having to come up with something to do with friends. We were partial to treasure hunts complete with elaborate maps and homemade treasure buried around the neighborhood.

Also Alice is SO crazy cute, love those eyes! Babies make the most crazy awesome faces.

Lin said...

Being bored is most definitely a very important part of childhood AND creativity. I think this goes hand in hand with not having too many toys and also endless hours spent in the great outdoors and reading books. I love this series of blog posts you are doing - please continue!

Little Gray Pixel said...

This really resonates with me because I started to think, "When was the last time I was bored?" I CAN'T REMEMBER. I'm way too overstimulated. Adulthood sucks.

Lina said...

A post close to my heart. We live in an affluent suburb where over scheduling is normal. While they're still only 7 and nearly 9, my children always find ways to entertain themselves and rarely (yet!) have said that they are bored.

UK lass in US said...

I think my love for reading started on rainy days when there was nothing to do.

My kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves - usually the only time they complain of being bored is when they are supposed to be tidying their rooms...

SEO Services UK said...

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one claire day said...

Yup - it's really important to learn to "just be".