Tuesday 18 October 2011

This is how Alice and I rock fall in Montreal

Note: Sorry for the horrible picture but I think it is pretty funny!

Alice is super comfortable in her big cocoon but I always get weird looks from strangers ;)

* * * * *

shine little light*: I also got all teary!

shannah: Oh, thank you Shannah. I love to get his perspective...especially since he is a very shy person who doesn't talk that much.

anna of (green gable): OMG, this is so intense! So happy to know that baby and mama are healthy and happy :) Take care xox


Anna of The Analog House said...

As a former Montrealer, I love this!

xo, Anna of (green gable)

jen said...

You two look awesome!! Love Alice's little hat

Giselle said...

you both look super cute!

Tallulah Maggs said...

Ah Claudia, you are so cool, and I LOVE the little hat Alice is wearing :)

Anne said...

Mum + daughter do rock and look great!

luke and pamela said...

such a great look!

Sid. said...

I love that cocoon! Such a great idea. I wish I'd know about that when my daughter was really little.