Sunday 13 November 2011

Alice's new pinafore

I had such a lovely time making a little pinafore for Alice last week (just in time for her great grand-mother's birthday celebration).

However, while I was ironing some fabric, a certain baby girl decided to crawl for the first time (across our living room)...and reached the scissors that were on the floor (to cut the PDF pattern)!

Let me tell you that I felt like the most irresponsible mother ever but luckily Alice didn't get injured.

So this week at the agenda: baby proofing a bit our place...and no more scissors on the floor!

* * * * *

hoola tallulah: When you think about it, learning how to walk is incredible!!! This would explain why Alice sleeps so much (lovely naps for us).

little gray pixel: The face-plants on the ground is so sad.

clairsy: Oh, thank you for the link. It is such a beautiful poster.

lindsey [homegrown spud]: Thank you! The battle to keep things minimalist (especially with generous family members) was pretty difficult at first but since I took the time to explain why I wanted to do this and the benefits for Alice (and Dan and I) things got easy. However, I had to re-explain everything a few days ago when Christmas presents became the new hit topic in the family.

gillian: Alice was very intense with the rolling thing. It gave me such anxiety because she would roll on her belly and sleep like that...she was about 3-4 months old. I didn't want to sleep just in case something would happen to her. Alice is very into crawling but she just doesn't want to sit on the floor (even with toys in front of her) for more than 1-2 minutes. We might have to bring her to an osteopath (this is our doctor's suggestion...I don't know much about osteopath) to see if she has tension or something in her back-neck. I'm so happy that you like my little blog...but sad that you are lonely...come to Montreal and we can have tea together. xox

jennifer: People are always giving me strange looks when I tell them that Alice is still sleeping in our bed sometimes, that her crib is in our bedroom and that it will be like that for a while. One step at the time. I love that your little dude is making is own decisions at his own are such a great mom :)


one claire day said...

So gorgeous! Clever you :) And hooray for Alice being on the move - but yes, it does make mothering a little more anxious from now on - you have to be watching all the time!

Love the heidi walks shoes - adorable :) x

Ali said...

Ah, there's always got to be a goal worth crawling for! Perhaps she's going to be a sewer too.
Life as the mother of a mobile one will be its own phase, but I know you'll enjoy it.
Her pinafore is so cute!

Sophie said...

Love the pinafore, great fabric choice!

Daniela said...

Go Alice!!!!! And what a pretty dress you made! Have an amazing week!

The Franglaise said...

Love the material you used to make that pinafore. It's gorgeous and Alice wears it well! Baby crawling = double trouble (and baby walking = endless trouble)! :-) Bisous et bonne semaine Claudia xx

Hoola Tallulah said...

Ah, she is on the move, let the fun begin :)
I LOVE her pinafore!

Leah said...

The new pinafore is absolutely adorable. I love the colors. It looks like it would make a great summer dress also as the weather gets warmer.

I have been following your blog for quite a while now but never got around to commenting. I just wanted to say that all your topics have been very helpful to me. Being newly married and planning on having children in a couple years or so it was really nice to see someone around my age go through all the emotions of pregnancy and steps along the way. Thank you very much for being so open with everything. It made me feel not so alone. Most of my friends are still single and don't understand my feelings of wanting to just be secure and raise a family.

Looking forward to your more of your lovely posts!

p.s. I love Alice's attitude in the second picture:-)

Shannah said...

I love pinafores! Can you make one for me in my size:)
As usual, you have an eye for putting prints together. Yay for newly mobile Alice!!! I think her crawling for the first time towards scissors demonstrates her inclination for craft:)

Carlinha said...

Seriously, that's adorable!!! Nice job.

oscarlucinda said...

Aw Claudia - that pinafore is super sweet. Have bookmarked that pattern! So happy to have a little daughter to dress now :)

Thank you for your sweet comments on Saskia's arrival and my birth story...I was very heartened by all the well wishes and kind messages. What a lovely blogging community we are a part of :)

PS. I still use Ujjayi breathing to help settle the little tool for a pregnant lady/new Mama!