Thursday 3 November 2011

Sharing bed via Fox News

Fox (the network not the forest critter, ah!) is not known for its seriousness. I rely on Fox when I look for no-brainer entertainment like Family Guy...hello, our dog is named Brian. However, I saw a little "investigation" from Fox News about co-sleeping and the conclusions were interesting.

I must say that, for anybody with a bit of knowledge in statistics, the research done by the journalist is pretty superficial and combine many elements that work marvelously well for a Fox News video: baby, death, ethnic minority, low income family, segregation, creepy anti co-sleeping get the picture.

Anyway, if you managed to watch the entire thing (again, it is Fox News), the conclusions left me a bit perplex. If not, ***spoiler (if you can call that a spoiler)*** do you think that there is a direct link between bottle fed babies and death while co-sleeping?

It does make some sense but it seems just a bit too simple!

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190.arch: Oh yes, I saw one of those push thing toy with a trolley at Ikea. Thank you for the suggestions. About the shape sorter, I will ask for it but it will stay in the closet until the time is right. We have a generous family and Alice is the only baby so people all want to get her a little something....and I don't have enough ideas at the moment!

daniela: This is such a funky cool idea. I might do that for her birthday. You are right, I could ask for another swimming class for the winter-spring session. Like you, my personal list is much longer ;)

sara: OMG, that link is AMAZING!!! Thank you thank you thank you :)

lydia: Oh wow, so cute! I will add them to the list.

peanut: I think that I will ask for gift certificates for clothes. I'm sure that my uncles will be happy with that easy suggestion! Totally, our cat always get sick on the most difficult surface to clean. How does he know???

maria w: Yes, Duplo Legos. Love your comment about the clown-hammer! Funny but oh so annoying!

suite henry: The thing with grand-parents is that you better make them happy (and just put the item in the closet after) and move on with your life because they can be pretty annoying ;)


Hoola Tallulah said...

I didn't berast feed (couldn't), I didn' co-sleep. I like the idea of tit, but in practice, baby slept, I didn't. As much as I love my babie's and want them to sleep well, I need to sleep too otherwise I go insane. Instead, all my babie's have slept in my bedroom beside my bed in a cot until the age of 1 or so, Bear is still in my room. I wish I could co-sleep, I think it's lovely, but damn, it's hard! I also worry about daddy rolling on to baby, I think mama's are more aware of baby (hence lack of deep sleep).

Hoola Tallulah said...

Actually, I should add, I did co-sleep with my eldest for a few weeks, and one night I found her under the duvet by my KNEES, scary. I stopped after that.

Emmy Lou said...

oh Fox News, so much crazy, so much fear.

Kim U said...

So, I'm not actually going to watch that :) But what I would really love to see from public health and the news is more about how people can *safely* co-sleep rather than just demonizing the whole idea.

Carlinha said...

I couldn't watch the whole thing- very sorry. I do breastfeed and co-sleep. We tried not co-sleeping, just keeping him next to us in his crib, he would sleep 5 minutes after we put him down. If we kept him with us in bed, he would sleep 2-3 hours in a row. He just slept better with us. Honestly, him being in bed with us (husband and I) changed the whole signification of sleeping. We've become light sleepers and any noise will wake us up.

As for BF, it makes my life much easier...I just take out the boob and feed him, he's not totally awake and nor am I. When he's done, he stops sucking, I wake up and make him burp and that's the deal- back to sleep for both of us.

I'm not too sure at that point that it's more beneficial to BF instead of FF to combat SIDS...If I was FF, I had to get up, check on him, feed him and burp him. Not as easy as a deal (or so I think- never tried it). With BF, sure I check on him, but I don't really move him around or anything...the only difference is that I'm guessing I feed him more often.

Ouf...I hope that made some sense. I do think that keeping baby next to you at ALL times reduces the risk of SIDS but otherwise, I am not sure if I see a correlation or not. I do remember that time where baby was on his pack'n play and he had to spit up but couldn't, so he choked on his spit... we heard him and got to him very fast. I'm sure it happens to every parent and it's scary to think that we might not have been able to hear him had he been far from us.

Sid. said...

I can't watch Fox because it drives me nuts but this is one of my favourite articles on co-sleeping:

Jennifer said...

We have FF since day one and bed shared for the most part. We tried the crib thing from the beginning, but he just wasn't having it, so we were dragged unhappily into the world of sharing our bed with an infant.

Even now that he's almost a year old, he still sleeps part of the night in bed with us almost every night. He goes down in his crib and then we move him to our bed sometime in the early early AM to make life easier on all of us.

However, as of a few weeks ago, he has started having issues going back to sleep in our bed... actually preferring his crib! It's kind of awesome lol